You Scratch my iPOD I'll Scratch Your's


Maybe Apple ipod Nano's aren't as sexy as i thought, look at the black one someone has purchased and what it has become.

Pictures here

Also am i still the only one who wants a white ipod? Yes the ipod is white but look at the click wheel the sucker is gray.  I can not belive i am the only one who this bothers! Is Apple afraid some motard won't be able to find the damn click wheel?  If so Apple please don't begin to make this your base consumer. 


You got to know your roots


freedom of speech? psh....


Been doin alot of thinkin lately and I came to the conclusion that the first amendment is outdated.  I mean look what happend when we supported free speach, people started thinking.  Now adays we have these crazy people bein unamerican tryin to give women rights and goin against the bible.  thats like them terrorists.  We got rid of prohibition we can get rid of this.  people like this need to be arrested.


Shit went down

Hands down one of the best things I've ever seen.  A group of soliders in Iraq created a rap album in protest of the war.  The file is large but it will be worth it.  Just be patient.(WMV) (this does contain very graffic images)


The Heavens Are Singing

      ........ and the ratings keep on getting lower and lower

Eisner resigns


Eisner resigned from the Disney Board today  i wonder what project he has up his sleeves?


XBOX 360

 The offical line up of XBOX 360 launch titles.  It looks promising but i know i won't buy one i am an admited playstation fanboy.

Shawn Carter on Fortune

Jay Z, J-Hova, retired rapper turn biggest hip-hop CEO of Def Jam Records is on Fortune.  Jay Z allowed Fortune to follow him around explain his day and how he got the Def Jam deal.

Pharell seriously rapping

Neptunes Producer Pharell Williams is taking rapping a little more serious since his "Frontin" days.  On his new track he is flowing on an old school Outkast track, Elevators.  I guess He wants to pull a Kanye and be a rapper/producer.  Even though he singed ever hook for every rap hit in the last 5 years plus sings on his band N*E*R*D.  It know he doin the full track rapping not like those few bars on "Cot' Damn." (Read More for Link) (REALPlayer)

Rundown On Kanye West's Crew

Other than Common and John Legend, Kayne West has many collabration on both of this LPs.  This week MTV gives the rundown on every body that unknown Kanye is rapping with.  Like New comer Jon Brion, Tony Williams, Consequence & GLC and more.