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Kayne back on live TV

SNL put Kayne back on Live TV after the Katrina incident, to poke fun about what happen on the telethon.  Mike Myers this time isn't suprised.

Pretty much i loved the clip of Kayne stating that "Geogre Bush Doesn't Care Black People."  It takes some guts to say some stuff like that on live TV or on TV in general.  I not saying i completely agree with him.  But sometimes you have to say off the wall comments for people to take notice and trust after that comment I am sure people were more willing to help the black families in Katrina just to prove Kanye wrong.

Fall Movies


What movies this fall are people interested in seeing?  King Kong for me is the biggest worry it will either be fantastic or Jurrasic Park 2.  Let's hope its the former not the latter.



Hell hath no fury like a hippo with a machine gun


http://www.icv2.com/articles/news/7625.html Peter Jackson has just announced that he is going to be the executive producer of the new Halo movie.


New Common Video


Here's to digging your hole deeper


22 possible indictments of some of the highest ranking officials in Washington including the one and only Karl Rove.  Things sure are pretty sweet right now.


Motha Fuckas


Qualified? mmm.... not really


Ok so there has been alot of controversy from both the left and right on the qualifications of the new Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers.  The Left Coaster has compiled a very interesting fact sheet on her.  For all of you too lazy to read the whole thing let me highlight the best part.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Legal Experience and Judiciary

  • She has never been a judge and has no experience arguing cases before the Supreme Court. However, she would join a long line of past SCOTUS judges who did not have prior judicial experience [via Scotusblog, FindLaw and Talk Left].
  • Her legal experience appears to be rather thin [via Americablog].
  • Westlaw records show that she has only argued 4 cases in Texas state courts in 30 years [via Is That Legal]. Commenter Kenneth points out that it is quite possible that she argued many more cases which were not reported online.
  • She seems to have argued only 3 cases in 30 years at the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals (and lost all three) [via Is That Legal].
  • The law firm where she was a Managing Partner had to settle or pay damages (in the millions) for defrauding investors [via David Sirota, Huff Post]. More here and here [via Blue Mass Group and Burnt Orange Report].
  • Back in 1968 she authored a Law Review note where she seemed to effectively acknowledge that courts can legislate from the bench [via Is That Legal].
  • She seems to be detail-oriented when she wants to be [via Legal Times].
  • One of her former Conservative colleagues cautions fellow Conservatives that "Harriet could have become a conservative in Washington, but unless she did, she doesn’t have any particular judicial philosophy… I never heard her take a position on anything… We’ll have another Sandra Day O’Connor" [via Free Republic] .

Now I know you don't have to have any judicial experience to become a Supreme Court Justice but she seems to be lacking in alot more than that.  


My Expectations

I hope it can only be as good as O'Reilly makes it out to be.


This is why he doesn't like the smoking gun.  Its always good for a laugh.


TASER i can not say anymore