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Past few days been actively studying for the licensing exam I took this morning. #4 of 7 ARE exams.

Can't wait to start the next list for November :)



Microsoft Surface Studio (ArchDaily) Watch the AD - M$FT is changing the game, I really don't think I am over hyping this. They built a beautiful machine that can change creative life of anyone in a graphical field. Their are probably other applications I am not even thinking about. In the video they show an ultra cool sci fi hollow view of it, almost as a joke. But honestly we are getting closer to the Minority report example of having multiple touch points, included with that new dial which looks like it could be very helpful onscreen or on the desk. All software developers will have to level up to start thing in terms of the dynamics this machine will bring. I hope it happens quickly and precisely.

comp, redesign of the classic composition notebook (kickstarter)- I want! When I started journaling like 10 years ago I felt I would have only used composition for that task, unfortunately after my first two  journals the build quality of composition books when super low, with crappiest of paper and the flimsiest of covers. This a refreshing design. (found via Swiss-Miss)

Run the Jewels - Talk to me (Hypebeast) - First single off their upcoming album, RTJ3, I love this group. If you ever have a chance to see them live, DO SO!

Common - Red Wine f. Syd (Okayplayer)

Low Leaf - Cleansing Incantation (Okayplayer)


Sporting Life On “Nothing To Hide” Ft. Dev Hynes + Wiki (Okayplayer)

Jonwayne Returns w/ Lush, Laid-Back Maxi-Single “40 Winks” (Okayplayer)

Jason Calacanis on Ask Gary Vee Show (Youtube) - Two of my favorite entrepreneurs answering viewer's questions.

Mr Ben Brown is back with his Visual Vibe series - ARCTIC

Google Arts & Culture - This is seriously a legit resource for all creatives. I orginally gawked at their previous attempt since it felt like google street view inside of a museum, but now you get to vibrance of the art much larger and well categorized. (via Swiss-Miss)

Did Apple just figured out how to integrate touch into their laptops, oh wow. I am using the Lenovo X1 Carbon with a touch bar and it is the only thing that make me want to upgrade this computer. Apple implementation looks stellar, I still not sold people will use frequently, but I am not sold people use the touchscreen on their Windows computer much. Its really only good for pinching/zooming, and scrolling while your read. After that the touchscreen doesn't get much play, but guess what it is awesome for scrolling while you read, so it is worth having on every new computer I purchase. (No Link Needed)

The video with the guy djing on Macbook Pro looks cool but it honestly a little silly. Current trend for music production has been getting further away from the screen. Abelton, which makes Live one of the most popular music creation software has a full-on physical interface call the Push, and one of the buying points is that you don't need to look at your monitor anymore to get the same level of work done.



Officially #Boosted, just got a pair of Triple White Ultra Boost. Very comfy

Shinola X VPI The Runwell Turntable - Probably oneof the most legit turntables I have seen. No levitating gimmicks or bluetooth. Just  strong precise craftmanship and machinery. This deinfitely an object to admire. 

Loop Digital Frame - this type of product I have thought on a lot. I have been suprised someone hasnt crack the code to getting people interested in digital frames. I feel like this is probably the best attempt I have seen. If I was married with children, I would make sure that every grandparent had one of these and I would be sending pictures direct constantly to it. (On another thought I really want to focus on printing out the photos I take.)

Teddy Aka the BoostGod Aka OhitsTeddy was interview by FootwearNews - They give brief run down on how he got into collecting sneakers as well as his growing presence on the internet

Just wrapped up watching the new Max Landis show starring Elijah Woods - BBC America's Dirk Gently Holistic Detective Agency - Pilot (Youtube) - Such a crazy show, I am just so curious to see what other surprises Max throws at his viewers.



Adrian Younge

NxWorries - Yes Lawd!



Check Starred list



Lectored at Mass today: Sirach 35:12-14, 16-18 ; 2 Timothy 4:6-8, 16-18

Focus for the week: Being Proactive vs Reactive

Secondary focus: Helping others

The Arctic - (TimIntoTheWild / Youtube) - Tim is one of the main reasons I dropped using Canon and starting using Sony Cameras. The look and feel of his visual poems are amazing. It looks like he recently got a drone and he is killing it as usual with the footage.

Conversation between Kendrick Lamar and Rick Ross (GQ / Youtube)

Noisey Interview with BANKS (Youtube) - Love strong women, great conversation explaining the intensity of sharing yourself through your art.

Tengu: God of Mischief - Subway Skating (Youtube) - A film by Colin Read. Recently Colin released his latest skate video Spirit Quest

Clean web design: http://store.43magazine.com/product/koki-loaiza-ollie-pigment-print

Messing with this Chrome Extension I just found, TOBY - Seems like it can help me a lot with all the tabs I collect on my personal laptop and computer at work.



Black Mirror is back with Season 3 (Netflix) - 3 episodes down already, all the stirred emotions caused by this show. Highly Recommend (Warning: its can be too intense for some)

Trailer for Netflix upcoming series, BARRY (HighSnobiety) - looks interesting, its about the college days of our President Barrack Obama. Since the 'Social Network' there been emerging this trend of documenting someone current person life as a drama extremely early. Usually it felt you needed time, like decades to pass before creating these type of shows and movies.

Last night I was a kid again. It was my friend's 31st Birthday and he wanted a roller skating party. So we had a ball rolling around in loops and the old school roller skating rink that hasn't changed one bit since I walk into there in elementary school.

Daily check: http://www.highsnobiety.com/ - since becoming obsessed with the Adidas Ultra Boost i find myself on this site more frequently.

I ended up watching Spring per my friend's recommendation. And WTF, they definitely blindside you with what type of movie it is. I would definitely agree with my friend, if you do watch it don't do any research beforehand just jump and be surprised.



Focus this week: No Excuses

Received my 2nd shipment of Blue Apron. Last time I order it I felt was one of the most orderly weeks I had. Since I felt a slump especially with my eating choices, so lets see if my hypothesis is correct.

Run the Jewels 2 - Listening to this on Vinyl, I really needed the energy of this album tonight

Another album I am jamming out to tonight is FIRE! ORCHESTRA - EXIT!, so trippy so good!!! (Listen to Part 1 on Youtube)

This Week in Startups, Jason Calacanis interviews:

  • Shivana Siroya of Tala - Damn, she is sharp. I really can't wait to see the future for emerging countries because of the work she is doing with Tala
  • Unity 3D Co-Founder David Helgason - The are the engine powering most the 3d games on our phones. Apparently it is free and some what intuitive to work with, I am down to add another side project to my list.

BROKE (Youtube RED) - I was starting to get confused why I still pay for Youtube RED until I found this show. It is so hilarious and I like its bite sized sampling of ten minute long episodes. I really did enjoy Youtube RED's series Single at 30, but I couldn't help the fact that it felt less for youtube at the 25 minute length. Not something I could quickly watch during my brief lunch break at work. After watching BROKE I have more confident with Youtube honing their RED offerings.

James Altucher interviews  Doug Casey, On the the most interesting humans