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First of the month, I am chilling listening to some smooth beats on soundcloud while I look through my phone for all the things that been getitng my mind going crazy November. Playing catch up hard.

Jazz Vibes Playlist on Spotify - this has been one of my favorite playlists of late, My December spotify playlist is already filling up with super chill beats :)

josh pan & Dumbfoundead - Banned From The Motherland ft. Simon D, Jay Park and G2 (Youtube) - For the past week, this has probably be on for hours at a time on repeat, it gets me in the right flow to get work done.

JMSN - LIVE North Hollywood (Spotify) - I been loving JMSN music for awhile now, this is a live version of some of the tracks from his last album 'It is.' There so tracks that shine much better in live rendition.

Couch Show / Just Between Us (Youtube) - I quickly watched every sketch video they made, now I am slowly making my way through their quasi advice couch segment. Love listening to these two banter.

Only reason I have Twitter installed on my phone @OhitsTeddy  &  @AdidasAlerts, I have been getting heavy on the Adidas footwear game, even checking up @TheYeezyMafia for facts.  Crazy enough everday the till Christmas theYeezyMafia is leaking info on unreleased Adidas sneakers, check it out here http://xmas.yeezymafia.com/

Soft Glas - Late Bloom Live - this was definitely one of the albums I spun a ton when it released, great to hear it's live version JOAO recently posted on his soundcloud.

New music from the DrumMaster, Karriem Riggins -Bahia Dreams

Podcasts Episodes of Note, (google search to find these)

  • This Week in Startups Interview with David Sacks - Great insights on how to recover a businesses' reputation.
  • Tim Ferriss - #203 - Second round with DHH - I always learn something new from this man.
  • Seth Godin kills is with so much to think about, I will have to listen to this one again. James Altucher Show #194
  • Derek Sivers Distilled - I pushed this one back since I have heard tens of interviews with Derek and this one was supposed to be a clip show of quotes, but Tim was right with making this 'Distilled' episode of clips. I am really re-chewing on some of the directives and advice Derek has. Tim Ferriss Show #202
  • Monocle 24: The Big Interview - (this is quickly becoming of my favorite podcasts) - Mario Testino - Robert Longo
  • Monocle 24: The Sessions at Midori House - Takuya Kuroda
  • Brian Koppelman on James Altucher Show #193 - I always love when the two of them are on each other's podcasts. Koppelman is one of my favorite people to listen to, he is super intelligent and always open to learn and question, James is the same.
  • WTF with Marc Maron - #759 Lin-Manuel Miranda - I have heard the soundtrack to Hamilton countless times, great to heard the man behind its explain his own story.

I finally checked out Periscope, one of my favorite producers, Kaytranda, was on the service messing around, making beats on the spot, and scrolling throuhg his catalog of unreleased mixes. It was a great experience. I wished it last longer and other creators shared their process.

Casey Neistat is already back, He 1.) released his Vietnam Trip memories and 2.) Explained his new job with CNN - I don't know my full thoughts on everything that is going out with Casey and his channel. I was really impressed with his move to drop vlogging at such as height so he can pursue new and challenging things in filmmaking. With him now working with CNN it can be a major plus to his creativity or a shackle that causes limitations. It looks like CNN gave Casey and Matt a major with buying BEME, hopefully the merge into CNN is fruitful for all parties. I can think up some great possibilities for them, but it is hard to predict what happens to a young agile startup when they are swallowed up by the culture of a corporate machine.

Changing of the Guard - November 2016 Playlist to an end - Start of my December 2016 Playlist

Movies / TV

  • Moonlight - Currently in Theaters
  • Morris from America - (Amazon Prime)
  • Black Mirror - (Netflix) Finally watch the last episode, wild, so wild. SMH
  • Easy (Netflix) not bad


lots of things are aligning in odd but good ways :)

I am getting amazingly over excited from some of the colorways that will be release next year for the Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 - here is the Silvers with yes silver soles.

I just hit Subscribe - John Hicks (Youtuber) - Daily vlogger/bmx rider in LA

If you into the sneaker game, Highsnobiety's interview the TheYeezyMafia is a good read, really interesting to find out to what extent they do to get their information

Reigning Champs X Adidas Ultra Boost is going on sale today, finally

I want to start writing Directives for myself to live by - Check Tim Ferriss's Podcast interview with Derek Sivers to understand what I am talking about (sharing will happen if I find any that are very helpful for myself and others)


Happy Thanksgiving

Tribe Called Quest

McDonald’s has a Nutella burger that oozes chocolate - this looks really good.

Hobonochi Techno Planner - Amazon knows I love notebooks, so this planner has been showing up. i will have to do some research on this on since it is a really expense notepad, but from the images it look amazing.

Reign(a): Oshun (Mass Appeal/youtube) - I enjoyed hearing their insights on why to readapt the clothing of their ancestors.

Jon Olsson's thoughts on Casey Neistat moving away from Daily Vlogging (Youtube)

The Art of  Photography's thoughts on Casey Neistat and the inspiration he got from his Channel (Youtube)

Currently reading:

Vinyl Buys

  • The Greg Foat Group - Dark is the Sun
  • Esperanza Spalding - Emily's D+Evolution
  • Yussef Kamaal - Black Focus
  • Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell
  • The Books - The Lemon of Pink (VMP)


Next Thing Co. is quickly back at it, with DashBot. It's like having Knight Rider's Kit inside your car. They are running everything through their new upgraded CHiP and has the capabilities to do Alexa function, and got to love the price. I am really falling in love with this company.

The Hill - Literally just found this site, will have to vet it, but might be a good source for political news. (After the election I want to maintain active in understanding what is happening in this country)

Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 are coming soon. I feel it coming soon. I can't stop googling up pics of some of the upcoming colorways.

A Detailed Look at Adidas Futurecraft’s Fully Biodegradable Ultra Boost - next high tech material to be looking out for, spider silk.

James Fauntleroy and Larrance Dopson of 1500 Or Nothin'on Pensado's Place - Fun interview, get to learn a little more about James and Larrance with their careers in music.


A lot has happened in the last two weeks. Including the results of the 2016 election and the response due from that result.

The Act of Letting Go has been something been thinking about with every facet of my everyday life. What does it mean to let go, what does it mean to hold on? For this blog I have held on to 13 days of activities as well as emotions, and it is my choice to let go of the last 13 days and start anew.

Right now I am preparing for the new SAMPHA album by listen to is last EP, Dual, and the handful of singles he has released. I am really loving his sound.

On Youtube, I can't get enough of  'Just Between Us' - comedy webseries by Allison Raskin and Gaby Dunn, They are on point with their humor and filming style. I am trying to watch everyone of their sketch video, none of them have disappointed, all really good.

Off the Camera with Sam Jones - interviews Filmmaker / Actor, Mark Duplass.  If you watch the League you know his chops in acting, but the guy is a legit filmmaker. I have read his and his brothers thoughts on making film, it is amazingly inspiring through their pragmatic holistic approach.


Focus for the week: Deliberately Move the Needle

Don't Fear Completion or Lack of Completion

Finished watching the full season of ATLANTA amazing series, so happy for its existence in my life and the world at large, Thank you Donald.



Past few days been actively studying for the licensing exam I took this morning. #4 of 7 ARE exams.

Can't wait to start the next list for November :)



Microsoft Surface Studio (ArchDaily) Watch the AD - M$FT is changing the game, I really don't think I am over hyping this. They built a beautiful machine that can change creative life of anyone in a graphical field. Their are probably other applications I am not even thinking about. In the video they show an ultra cool sci fi hollow view of it, almost as a joke. But honestly we are getting closer to the Minority report example of having multiple touch points, included with that new dial which looks like it could be very helpful onscreen or on the desk. All software developers will have to level up to start thing in terms of the dynamics this machine will bring. I hope it happens quickly and precisely.

comp, redesign of the classic composition notebook (kickstarter)- I want! When I started journaling like 10 years ago I felt I would have only used composition for that task, unfortunately after my first two  journals the build quality of composition books when super low, with crappiest of paper and the flimsiest of covers. This a refreshing design. (found via Swiss-Miss)

Run the Jewels - Talk to me (Hypebeast) - First single off their upcoming album, RTJ3, I love this group. If you ever have a chance to see them live, DO SO!

Common - Red Wine f. Syd (Okayplayer)

Low Leaf - Cleansing Incantation (Okayplayer)


Sporting Life On “Nothing To Hide” Ft. Dev Hynes + Wiki (Okayplayer)

Jonwayne Returns w/ Lush, Laid-Back Maxi-Single “40 Winks” (Okayplayer)

Jason Calacanis on Ask Gary Vee Show (Youtube) - Two of my favorite entrepreneurs answering viewer's questions.

Mr Ben Brown is back with his Visual Vibe series - ARCTIC

Google Arts & Culture - This is seriously a legit resource for all creatives. I orginally gawked at their previous attempt since it felt like google street view inside of a museum, but now you get to vibrance of the art much larger and well categorized. (via Swiss-Miss)

Did Apple just figured out how to integrate touch into their laptops, oh wow. I am using the Lenovo X1 Carbon with a touch bar and it is the only thing that make me want to upgrade this computer. Apple implementation looks stellar, I still not sold people will use frequently, but I am not sold people use the touchscreen on their Windows computer much. Its really only good for pinching/zooming, and scrolling while your read. After that the touchscreen doesn't get much play, but guess what it is awesome for scrolling while you read, so it is worth having on every new computer I purchase. (No Link Needed)

The video with the guy djing on Macbook Pro looks cool but it honestly a little silly. Current trend for music production has been getting further away from the screen. Abelton, which makes Live one of the most popular music creation software has a full-on physical interface call the Push, and one of the buying points is that you don't need to look at your monitor anymore to get the same level of work done.



Officially #Boosted, just got a pair of Triple White Ultra Boost. Very comfy

Shinola X VPI The Runwell Turntable - Probably oneof the most legit turntables I have seen. No levitating gimmicks or bluetooth. Just  strong precise craftmanship and machinery. This deinfitely an object to admire. 

Loop Digital Frame - this type of product I have thought on a lot. I have been suprised someone hasnt crack the code to getting people interested in digital frames. I feel like this is probably the best attempt I have seen. If I was married with children, I would make sure that every grandparent had one of these and I would be sending pictures direct constantly to it. (On another thought I really want to focus on printing out the photos I take.)

Teddy Aka the BoostGod Aka OhitsTeddy was interview by FootwearNews - They give brief run down on how he got into collecting sneakers as well as his growing presence on the internet

Just wrapped up watching the new Max Landis show starring Elijah Woods - BBC America's Dirk Gently Holistic Detective Agency - Pilot (Youtube) - Such a crazy show, I am just so curious to see what other surprises Max throws at his viewers.