Hypnotic music from Radiohead - The Numbers (HypeTrak)

This weekend was my Capoeira classes' Batizado - After a couple months of training I received my first cord.

lately I have been obsessed with the Adidas Ultra Boost. I want a pair badly. Especially an all white pair.

Action Bronson in the kitchen making the world's Best Sandwich (Youtube) The guy is legit, awesome rapper and additionally has a better appetite and palette for food

Film to add to my watch list: Kaili Blues

FreeFall Radio - Eclectic two-hour radio mix, if you want to hear songs and artists you are not regularly exposed to, this is a great resource. Check their mixcloud for the archive of shows

Still can't get enough with watching review for the DJI Mavic Pro - If I was sold before I am more than ever by Flitetest's review, it was a glowing review almost in every category.

My brother Kaytranda drops a remix for Solange's Crane In The Sky (OkayPlayer)

Pre-Order A Seat at The Table on Vinyl - and yes, I am already pre-ordered, I was hoping badly it was going to be press on some colored vinyl

Tim Ferriss's Evening Routine - Nice to see him getting into youtube. I got to step up my Night routine

Why am I so bearish on this? Levitating Turntable (Kickstarter) It looks sexy

Solarpuff: Solar-Powered Inflatable Cube - they need to be handing these out to everyone in third world countries. I love in the video where she refers to the need for individualized infrastructure, it is so well phrase and has me thinking on this idea, since in emerging countries large infrastructure are not being built.

Never watched Miranda Sings' videos on Youtube, but I am interested to check out her new Netflix series, Haters Back Off!

A night at the AI jazz club (TheVerge) I will have to read later, but the music embeds sound good and jazzy

13 Rising Female Artists You Should Know (HypeTrak) This list is legit, Etta Bond, Jorja Smith, Sevdaliza, Billie Black, Eryn Allen Kane, are all artists I been big fans of. I will have to check out the rest

Denzel Curry & Joey Bada$$’s “Zenith” Music Video (HypeTrak) ooo they are killing it on this track. I never heard of Denzel Curry before seeing him live last week at iiipoints. Joey i been loving his music since that Hillary $wank

Saturday I caught the music making bug and made a beat, Unfortunately I need a quick refresher in Abelton Live with programming drums.

6 Keys to Applying to a Fellowship - for later reading

Senior style in Japan – living the good life at 80 (Monocle)

Toby.Harvard (Instagram) loving his photography, will be checking out more

Chargaux - Lullaby (Youtube) one of my new favorite producers, Soft Glas, had his hands on this, I can tell.

MeLo-X talks about sound and inspiration (Hypetrak)

“It seems that two qualities are necessary if a great artist is to remain creative to the end of a long life; he must on the one hand retain an abnormally keen awareness of life, he must never grow complacent, never be content with life, must always demand the impossible and when he cannot have it, must despair. The burden of the mystery must be with him day and night.”
– Goethe  (Found via Swiss Miss / Deeper write up via BrainPickings)



Focus for the week - Patience

III Points 2016 -Back from Miami - Crazy good concert (Write up coming soon)



KAYTRANADA – 0.001% (Rappamelo)

Soft Glas - Late Bloom (Soundcloud)

JNTHN STEIN making a beat with Ableton Push 2

  • After the concert I was interested check out some midi controllers since I was sure both Machinedrum and Flying Lotus were doing everything through Abelton Live. I looked at a comparison video with the Ableton Push 2 vs Maschine, I was left think it was worth my time to dig deeper into the Abelton workflow instead of add another program on list. I found this video with JNTHN STEIN messing with the Push and give his philosophy on how to create a beat. I enjoyed it alot 



Season 3 of POWER on  Starz

  • What a wild show. that was one of the darker of the seasons, so much happen coming up to the season finale. The writers gracefully wrote themselves into a crazy corner. It reminds me of my winning strategy of playing Connect 4, which has me pushing my opponent into a position that either direction they go they are screwed. And not to mess up anything of this season, but that definitely the situation. Can't wait to see how they are able to solve this madding puzzle next season.
  • FYI. POWER is probably one of the most well written shows on TV at the moment. The way they pit the ambitions of your past with your present day construction is amazing. (I will clearify later, but just watch it if you into crime dramas, the layers of relationship complexities is great.)

15 Minute Workout - Morning Routine (Darebee)

Rebuilding my list of websites I visit frequently



Solange - A Seat At The Table (2016) Album

REVIT/ BIM Conversion

  • At work this has been my focus, moving the firm into the 3d informational world of REVIT. It comes with as many headaches as rewards. The main listen I am learning despite software and gear, the importance of a proper and well documented workflow. In CAD we have a well developed template, which my boss created with his numerous years of experience and I have helped add to with some of my edits and improvements. That inherit to that template was a process, a defined workflow. Now moving to an new program. You got reevaluate your current process since not everything will translate effortlessly. And the additional optimizations you make you sacrifice with some decrease in speed to pick up on how the software wants to be used.

Nice looking portfolio website - http://www.asif-khan.com/


  • 3 day Music Festival I am going to in Wynwood, Miami. 10/7-9

The most incredible sneakerhead unboxer I have seen, could not stop laughing (Youtube) - I want these sneakers badly.

Still Processing - NY Times Podcast

  • My new favorite podcast on current events, with a little twist of insights of race and everything else.

My October 2016 Spotify Playlist

DJI Mavic Pro

  • My new wishlist obsession. I have way too many youtube reviews on this unit, and the more I watch the less patience I have to wanting one ASAP.
  • I really liked seeing Casey Neistat's take on the DJI Mavic Pro (Youtube)
  • From what I can get from the countless reviews I have watch, this is the drone to get. Has way better sensors than the GoPro competitor and it just a lot smaller. I can easily throw this in my backpack without any worries on space and have it on me at all times. The video footage looks pretty damn good and everyone else concerns on softness of images seems to stem form this not being a fixed focus camera but instead a lense that is dynamic and needs to be calibrated to the shot you want to take. Which for anyone by this for cinematography that would be a key reason to get it over the other current DJI offerings.

Machinedrum - Human Energy (2016) Album


606 Universal Shelving System by Dieter Rams

  • Google Image Search - I want... I saw this storage system in the above Machinedrum interview in the SONOS studio and that was the main focus of my investigation. Now I got to find out the practicality and pricing to get something like this. Ouch its expensive, crossing my fingers someone is throw a set away on craigslist.
  • Goals (JPG)

Tash Sultana

Nick Hook, Music Producer

  • Studio Tour (Youtube)
  • Rhythm Roulette (Mass Appeal / Youtube)
  • Against The Clock (FACT / Youtube)

WTF - Marc Moran Interviews...

Kaytranda - Red Bull Lecture 2016

MUBI - Art House Film service I am trying out. One new film and you have 30 days from when it was posted to watch it.

Anderson Paak Interview on Being Homeless, Working as Weed Trimmer Before Dre (Youtube)

My new backpack i like to show off - Timbuk2 Uptown

Breathe - Film by Melanie Laurent (2014)

Submitted by JRameau on Thu, 06/23/2016 - 21:41
Breathe Movie

French Title: Respire
Director: Mélanie Laurent

Oh wow, this a definite must watch. French actress turned director, Mélanie Laurent, kills it on her directorial debut. Simply if you want to see a great example of a film that is tightly packed with all the fitting components here it is. Every word, sound, scene are there to completly serve the story and the emotional experience.

The film begins when this shy girl meets her complimentary opposite, the free spirited rebellious new student. At first their extremes serve to creating a friendship but soon enough this bond crumbles with a maddening force. The characters adapted from Anne-Sophie Brasme's novel are all very well developled and full of nuance. There are moments where you are mislead by a character's words, but with the force they leave a room you are left with their true intention. You will definitely be drawn into main protagnist's mind frame while watching this story unfold.

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