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Back from my Week in Peru

Me in Peru

I just returned from an incredible adventure. It had me on 6hr ++ hikes through the rainy amazon, on ski lift contraptions to visit ruins on the top of a mountain, and small shaky airplane rides to remote towns. It was definitely a mind altering trip. Before going I felt it was going to be a metal detox, but far from it on the conventional sense of isolating oneself at a retreat but more in an immersing challenge that forced me to shed distraction and anxiousness. I enjoyed the challenge and made me think, “Why am I not doing enough of these type of travels, I dream of doing this type of thing all the time.” If it wasn’t to my friend’s wedding, I would have not carved the time for such an excursion. I am excited I did so.

Right now, back in the states, I am trying to maintain my refresh state of mind, even going through the process of wiping all my devices clean of data, strong focus on my computer and cellphones. And taking a conscious effort to rid myself of distraction. It was sort of a vague Lenten promise of mine to spend less time looking at my phone aimlessly, but now it’s the direction I am focused on. I have a pile of books that need reading and ideas that need disciplined time to come out of abstraction.

On to seeing how far I can take some of these ideas that are knocking at my head.