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Breathe - Film by Melanie Laurent (2014)

French Title: Respire
Director: Mélanie Laurent

Oh wow, this a definite must watch. French actress turned director, Mélanie Laurent, kills it on her directorial debut. Simply if you want to see a great example of a film that is tightly packed with all the fitting components here it is. Every word, sound, scene are there to completly serve the story and the emotional experience.

The film begins when this shy girl meets her complimentary opposite, the free spirited rebellious new student. At first their extremes serve to creating a friendship but soon enough this bond crumbles with a maddening force. The characters adapted from Anne-Sophie Brasme's novel are all very well developled and full of nuance. There are moments where you are mislead by a character's words, but with the force they leave a room you are left with their true intention. You will definitely be drawn into main protagnist's mind frame while watching this story unfold.