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Why You Should Be Typing On A Mechanical Keyboard

mechanical keyboard

Simply why must you get a Mechanical keyboard

  1. It feels awesome to use. You immediately will feel more confident with how you type and it just feels many times over more professional like tapping away at a typewriter.
  2. You are not tethered to a laptop. Laptop’s are great because you can easily release yourself from always having to sit at your desk and can literally work on top of your lap. I do all my work on an ultra portable laptop with a small screen, great for portability but when I want to fully use my large external monitor as my primary screen its tough without oddly positioning my laptop or just plugging in a keyboard. 

I may sound pretty ridiculous saying that tapping away at a mechanical keyboard would instill confidence, but I more than feel that this is true. I realized it immediately once I started typing away at it. With the tactile mechanical nature of each key, when you press a key it responds with a resonating click. Because of the flat sensitive keys on my laptop, I spent much of my time fixing errors due to pressing the wrong key nearby than for actual spelling and grammar errors. This type of experience reminds me of when I was in graduate architecture school and a professor mocked me for sketching with a ball point pen. I thought his comments were unfounded until a year or so later I started writing with a fountain pen, and I quickly noticed the versatility you have with an instrument like that  This is the same case.

These types of keyboards are heavily marketed towards the gaming community, I am not a gamer nor do I plan to be one. This investment was completely on the focus of having a better typing experience and to fully utilize my larger screen as my primary monitor. This purchased definitely impressed me more than I could have imagine. 
I am typing on the DREVO Tyring (Tenkeyless) Keyboard. For $41 it’s the best you are going to get in quality and with real mechanical keys.