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Jen Stark - Colorful Mastepieces


The 24 yr old Miami native has been collecting alot of press for her colorful paper sculptures.  I am pretty sure many of you seen her work spread acorss the pages of blogs, but now you get to meet the young beautiful artist and see what the art critics think about the future of her work. via the Pursuit Aesthetic

After the JUMP I put a few images of her work, but you should head over the her site @


The Arkitip Chronicles present André


Start the morning off with a Techno claded video of Graffiti Artist, Andre, doing his thang.

via Hypebeast

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BMW 2010 Z4 - Robin Rhode - "Expression of Joy"


BMW has collaborated with South African Artist, Robin Rhode, to create "Expression of Joy." I believe the images and video speak for themselves, but I have added some links below for some long ass articles about the intent and technique actually I couldn't go pass the 1st paragraph so I am guessing that's what it was about.

via Hypebeast > SlamxHype

Links to read: 2  .  3

After the Jump All the Cool IMAGES


Lego Architecture: Villa Savoy

Pretty cool rendition (i always wanted to use lego's on one of my architecture projects) althought it has some notable differences from the actual Villa.


Floating Weekend Retreat

Another cool concept from Sweeden.  VIA COOLBOOM

Evolo Arch Competition:Tingxing Tao Proposal


Thanks JT for sending this link to the Evolo Arch competition.  See more


Julian Schnabel on 60 Minutes


His paintings took the art world by storm in the 1980s and then Julian Schnabel reinvented himself as a film director to more kudos. Morley Safer profiles this titan of art and film.

I recently watched all the movies he directed so this was a pleasure to watch.


It Must Be Amazing it's "Green"!


As somebody who frequents both and I see a lot of "green" products showcased.  What I wonder though is since when does "green" inherently mean "good"?  Have the terms become interchachable?  It seems to me that a lot of people judge the value of an object on its "greeness" not on its quality of design or funcionality.  I see this all the time with architecture where buildings are showcased as something great because of their "sustainability" despite horrible designs.  It's not just with architecture though. Look at the lamp pictured above which Inhabitat characerizes as "brilliant" since it turns a wine box into a lamp.  I fail to see the brilliance in it.  It is not a particularly attractive lamp and while it may be recycling materials it requres two boxes instead of the standard one thus doubling the amount of packaging required.  The wine bottle packaging includes a cfl lightbulb as well which is good for people who want this lamp but will likely be thrown away by many increasing the odds that the bulbs will be broken releasing the toxic mercury within.  So lets see extra packaging, ugly lamp(ok thats arguable), and possible mercury emissions all come together with the wine's great new price hike.  I guess the brilliance is in the green afterall


Clever AD for Global Warming


global pool

“A clever ad for HSBC by Ogilvy & Mather Mumbai ad agency in India. The bank wanted to raise awareness of the dangers of global warming, so the clever ad guys glued an aerial photo of a city’s skyscrapers to the base of a swimming pool …”

via The World's Best Ever 


Audio Interview on Street Art w/ Elbow Toe


street art

Really nice interview done by the BBC on Street Art in general with NY graffiti artist Elbow Toe.  I think Elbow Toe delves into alot of topics that can me transpose to the art world at large.  From the grimey days of graffiti being as simple to beingjust  recognize by your tag on a train to today's mass commercial world of art and fashion, which many artists have been cashing in with.


 Listen to the 23 min interview @ BBC


via TheWorldsBestEver

(Art Credits: left - Elbow Toe, Right - Mr. Brainwash) more image here.