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Tracy Morgan 'I am the New Black' NPR interview


 This is an interview with Tracy Morgan and Terry Gross, for Tracy's new book "I am the New Black."

I really liked this interview, its not Tracy usually outlandish style, but he still has a lot of conviction in explaining his memoir.  This interview is similar to The Tyson documentary, where they don't deny anything or try to frame their life story as anything and just gives everything straightforward for you to absorb, their insecurities, struggles and revelations.

I always enjoyed Tracy's humor, but to finally get a little insight about the man behind the character it was nice.

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Crappy Canadian Thanksgiving - Ellen Page & Justin Long


"Lets Play so Hockey"  "Yes, but not until we finish watching some Degrassi"

Great, they hit every Canadian reference I know, so well.

starring Justin Long and Ellen Page 


Teaser: Pharrell & Mr. OIZO…?


 Your Speakers are not broken, it has no sound.

I have no idea what this is for, it could be the teasing for a new pizza hut spot or a music video, you guess is as good as mine.

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Zac Efron's Pool Party


a Crazy cest pool of young celebrities talking poltics at a party while Zac's Uncle (played by Reno 911's Thomas Lennon) runs havoc with his trailer trash girlfriend.  (Look out for Justin Long)

*don't judge the book by its Cover: I happened to watched 17 Again the other night and I seriously was suprised by how entertaining and funny it was.  Thomas Lennon gets alot airtime with his geeky humor and Zac Efron is suprising good at playing a father turned 17.  Even though contents of the movie might be predictable, the director Burr Steers (Igby Goes Down) doesn't hesitate to play and laugh at its predictably, by pushing certain situations you can only imagine.  The movie definitely walks on a weird line, where sometimes its some of funniest scaristic stuff could happen and you like what movie am I wathing again and other times it seems like Zac is playing B-ball and dancing in a Disney movie.  All I can end thisi min review with is, lightsaber fight, they definitley geeked out when adding this.


Michael Jackson for Christian Audigier


Conflicts... I am probably consider myself an Ed Hardy Hater, I really don't get what is fashionable about it.  But on the other end of it I am MJ Fan, and I got to say from the pieces shown on the video, it looks pretty impressive.

But I still think the collaboration is very awkward.  This guy comes out a month after MJ's death telling people yeah Michael and I have a clothing line and he signed off on everything.  I don't know, I believe its for real, but what stops any other designer saying oh yeah, here are some designs we work with Michael and he "signed off on everything."  I mean, MJ's estate is so money hungry they would hope all Michael's past shelved ideas start popping up left and right.

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(Did I happen to mention theRNDM and MJ were coming out with a line of rhinestone kazoos, yeah he signed off on everything, look out for it this fall.)


Make it Right Foundation Unveils 14 NOLA 9th Ward Houses




Left: GRAFT (see more info)  Right:  Atelier Hitoshi Abe (see more info) 

Big Names After the Break Include Ghery, Pugh + Scarpa  and MVRVD


Larry David on Conan

So funny!  Larry David is the funniest person alive. WATCH:


He's Barack Obama