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Lindsay Lohan goes Indie!

Empiremovies.com reports that Lindsay Lohan's next film will be one of the independent sort. The film is titled Bobby and is the work of Emilio Estevez- a.k.a the coach from The Mighty Ducks. The story follows characters present at the Ambassador Hotel in L.A. during Robert Kennedy's assasination in 1968. The film includes Hollywood big names such as Elijah Wood, Anthony Hopkins, DemI More, Sharon Stone, Shia LeBeouf, and Nick Cannon, to name a few.
  Many child actors have strayed towards the indie film scene partly to separate themselves from their past works and also to gain more credential as a substantial 'actor' (i.e., Elijah Wood, McCauhly Caulkin). Could this be the reason for Lohan's shift from Herbie: Fully Loaded to Bobby? I don't know for sure but my point is that she's still hot.

MVP Sheryl Swoopes of the WNBA comes out of closet


WNBA star Sheryl Swoopes said she is tired of hiding her feelings and being miserable.  The reigning MVP came out today in an exclusive interview to ESPN the magazine.  Swoopes admitted that she did not always know that she was gay.  She is divorced and even has an 8-year-old son. 

Coming out right after she received the MVP award may be heroic to some, but according to Swoopes it was not planned like that.  Swoopes and her partner booked a cruise on Olivia Cruise Lines, a cruise line for lesbians, recently, and the CEO of Olivia wanted her to be the face of Olivia.  After thinking about it for a while, Swoopes agreed to do it.  "You have Ellen DeGeneras and Rosie O'Donnell, but you don't have your well-known gay African American who's come out, " Sheryl said.  The most important thing to her is being happy, and she hopes others like her in the WNBA will come out as well. 


Cam'Ron has been Shot!

Rapper, Cam'ron, is one of the few celebrities that can be seen without a entourage of security guards.  He usally hits up clubs by his self or with a few friends.  This morning (Sun 10/23) at 2:10 am he was shot when he refused to give up his lamborghini to a group of carjackers.  They fired mulitple shots that shattered the lambo's windows and one in Cam's arm.  He is currently in a hospital resting and doing fine.

America's top model - ah not anymore


Ridicules amounts of news be floating around Kate Moss and her allegations of cocaine use.  Currently she is in US at a clinc on rehab, but on arrival back to Britain she will be arrested and questioned.  Man sucks for her, the girl pretty much ruled the model scene in the 90s when the anorexoric Calvin Klien Model look was in.  And throughout years there been rumored to have drug use in the fashion scene, but now its out with videos to match.


Kayne back on live TV

SNL put Kayne back on Live TV after the Katrina incident, to poke fun about what happen on the telethon.  Mike Myers this time isn't suprised.

Pretty much i loved the clip of Kayne stating that "Geogre Bush Doesn't Care Black People."  It takes some guts to say some stuff like that on live TV or on TV in general.  I not saying i completely agree with him.  But sometimes you have to say off the wall comments for people to take notice and trust after that comment I am sure people were more willing to help the black families in Katrina just to prove Kanye wrong.