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The long awaited trailer of Maurice Sendak's Classic "Where the Wild Things Are."

Jim Hansen Production

Spike Jonze Direction

Music: "Awake" by Arcade Fire

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Notte Sento

A short film made from still images.

The Homeless Emcee


Another good interview for D Nice's True Hip Hop Stories.

This one has to be the Heaviest on to date on emotional content.

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"Tyson" James Toback Documentary on Mike Tyson


“Tyson” is acclaimed indie director James Toback’s stylisticallyinventive portrait of a mesmerizing Mike Tyson. Toback allows Tyson toreveal himself without inhibition and with eloquence and a pervasivevulnerability. Through a mixture of original interviews and archivalfootage and photographs, a startlingly complex, fully-rounded humanbeing emerges. The film ranges from Tyson’s earliest memories ofgrowing up on the mean streets of Brooklyn through his entry into theworld of boxing, to his rollercoaster ride in the funhouse of worldwidefame and fortunes won and lost. It is the story of a legendary anduniquely controversial international athletic icon, a figure conjuringradical questions of race and class. In its depiction of a man risingfrom the most debased circumstances to unlimited heights, destroyed byhis own hubris, “Tyson” emerges as a modern day version of classicGreek tragedy.

I think the description from Hypebeast was dead on, so I left it on unedited.  I read up on this film earlier this summer, in INTERVIEW magazine, it was great read.  Apparently you get to understand everything going through Tyson's head, and when the scene comes where Tyson bites Evander Holyfields ear off you actually see the justifcation for it (from what I am told).  I am every familiar with Toback's films, and I think this is going defy what people believe of Mike Tyson.

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Big Man Japan: the trailer


A middle-aged slacker living in a rundown, graffiti-ridden slum, Daisato’s job involves being shocked by bolts of electricity that transform him into a stocky, stick-wielding giant several stories high who is entrusted with defending Japan from a host of bizarre monsters. But while his predecessors were national heroes, he is a pariah among the citizens he protects, who bitterly complain about the noise and destruction of property he causes. And Daisato has his own problems -an agent insistent on branding him with sponsor advertisements, an Alzheimer-afflicted grandfather who transforms into a giant in dirty underwear, and a family who is embarrassed by his often cowardly exploits. A wickedly deadpan spin on the giant Japanese superhero, BIG MAN JAPAN is an outrageous portrait of a pathetic but truly unique hero.


Star Trek



i never ever ever been a star trek fan but this new movie looks hot! i know that another preview had been shown on CR before but with each new trailer they put out the hotter it looks.




Watchmen Trailer and Review

I've never read the novel, but from what I've seen and heard from others, it follows the storyline pretty genuinly.  I thought the movie was very good.  It was super long, but well worth the watch.  It is extremely full of backstory to explain what is going on currently and they relate is really well to a politcal situation in the 80's that we've already somewhat been through.  I assume that it was the same for the novel, but by using the Cold War as the basis for the movie, they were able to use alot of realism.  It was really entertaining.  Go watch it.

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen


"It’s Your Ride," a Tale of two cyclist


Made by Daniel Leeb of Cinecyle
Staring Alfred Bobe Jr. and Fatimah Durkee having a "synchronistic connection" on the New York streets.
Commissioned by Hutchinson Tires

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Flight 404 x Goldfrapp = Solar


This is Flight 404’s rendition on GoldFrap’s ‘Lovely Head’ from their album Felt Mountain. Flight 404 aka Robert Hodgin likes to experiment with ‘audio responsive visuals,’ which is a nice art which balances with the expertise of programming and graphical taste. via ChangeTheThought

For a full rundown on how he made this video, go here. for more videos.

For more on “Processing”

After Jump – Flight 404 – Audio Generated Landscape and screenshots from ‘Solar’