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JB joins the Oakland Raiders


NFL Fantasy Files


Nike! Merriman and Jackson! WOW!



This has to be the best commercial I've ever seen. Its the second edition of this type of Nike commercial, the first being LT and the bears defense. The music is by Michael Man from The Last of the Mohican's. Seriously, this is amazing.


Cowboys New Stadium: $1 Billion


No matter how nice the stadium turns out, its not worth ONE BILLION DOLLARS.  

I hate this franchise, it has Jerry Jones' name written all over it.  Go Buffalo. 

Dallas Cowboys  


Marcus Vick is a Bastard

After many many problems with the law and being a dumbass, Marcus Vick was kicked of the Virginia Tech football team.  Here are his run in's with the law and being a dumbass:
1.  Driving with suspended license.
2. Possession of pot.
3. Kleeting a player during a bowl game intentionally (meaning he inserted metal spikes from his shoes into anothers leg on purpose.)
4.  Pulling a gun on three teens

This guy is the younger brother of famous Atlanta Falcons QB Michael Vick. Both quarterbacks are overated.  Marcus Vick declared himself eligable for the NFL Draft in April.  I bet he won't get drafted.  Dumbass.


TO is backed by Jesse Jackson

It is unbelievable that Terrell Owens has found somebody to side with him.  However, it is believable that Jesse Jackson is the person.  The loud, rude, inconsiderate, and selfish wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles was suspended by the team last week for the rest of the year.  TO has continued to make comments detrimental to the team by criticizing starting quarterback Donovan McNabb, publically complaining about his contract, and arguing with head coach Andy Reid.  Two years after coming to the Eagles, and it already looks as if he won't be playing for them ever again. 

TO's selfishness has caused a huge rift between himself and the city.  In a poll, 90% of the city agrees with the suspension and would like to see him traded after this year.  The actions taken by the Eagles have caused Rev. Jesse Jackson to publically take TO's side.  He says that TO could have handled the previous situations better, but that Philadelphia shoud waive him so TO can be picked up by another team, and that his actions should not have warrented suspension in the first place.  Among others who have sided with TO were RALPH NADER!  Owens did apologize, but it was too late and seemed insincere.  He has continued to affect the team and distract them the past two years with his idiotic acts.  He has even put his house up for sale.  I say, CUT OWENS out of the NFL for good.

Signing off, this is Jim, your favorite local sports writer.

Tampa, FL

The Carolina Panthers extended their winning streak Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, beating them 34-14.  It was the Panthers fifth straight win, placing them in a tie for the lead in the suddenly competitve NFC South.

The Panthers have finally been able to meet the expectations that everyone else in the league has been placing on them.  Two years ago Carolina nearly beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl, and after a year full of injuries in 2004, the Panthers are back.  Star receiver Steve Smith (on left) leads the NFL in receiving yards, and had 5 grabs for 106 yards and a TD today.  Running back Stephan Davis was on target with 2 TD's and Jake Delhomme was 11-18 for 216 yards and a TD as well  The panthers defense in equally as scary as their offense.  Chris Gamble had a 61-yard interception return for a TD and the defense sacked Tampa Bay quarterback Chris Simms five times and forced four turnovers.

The Panthers are certainly on their way back to the playoffs.  In related news, two of the Panthers cheerleaders are on their way to jail.  Angela Ellen Keathley and Renee Thomas were caught having sex in a bathroom stall in Tampa's Banana Joe's nightclub.  Several women were upset that they held up the stall for so long and after getting out, Keathley punched one of the women in the face.  After being pulled out of the nightclub, Thomas confessed to the incident.  Apparently Keathley was so ridiculously drunk that she could not speak.  The Carolina Panthers declined comment on the issue early Sunday morning.  Meanwhile, the actual players are upset after missing the events which took place in the stall.

The Game

Drunk Cheerleaders