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Puff Daddy: South Park vs BET


Which Video Clip is More Ridiculous?

Watch Full Episode of South Park's "Douche and Turd"

The Peel P50 - World's Smallest Car


This clip from BBC's Top Gear is Hilarious, with how Jeremy Clarkson uses the car to go to work.  I believe this will be Andrew's future mode of transportation after seeing this.


Trading Places with Indian Outsourcers - 30days


30 days On Morgan Spurlock's 30days he sends a layoff computer programmer to India, to reclaim his outsourced job.  It was a really nice episode showing the other side of outsourcing.

Watch the Full Episode via Tim Ferriss's Blog


HAHAHAHA, LOL: 91210 is coming back


I don't know but something made me laugh out loud when I saw this video, maybe "1," I thought it was a parody some college students made or "2" it shows how sad execs in the industry are with coming up with new ideas.

Anyways, it coming to the CW, notables are the grandma from Arrested Development, Uncle Jesse's wife from Full House, and some girl from Degrassi (they don't need names it is the CW).  At least this teen drama has a token Black guy, but apparently there are no wealthy black families in 91210, instead some wealthy good Samaritan White Family adopted "underprivileged" youth, Damn Hollywood!


Bill Clinton talks Jack Bauer


Sexy Commercials

sexy ads I know how you guys love the funny unseen commercials so here is a bunch of the sexy ones. Some person on Yukt has a good amount of collection of random videos, so defnitly check them out via



Stephen Colbert breaks wrist!


  Stephen Colbert is now a bone-coddling crybaby.

Best Seinfeld-Sports Moments


So, besides 24, many of you know that Seinfeld is my favorite TV show. The brain of Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld were able to create the best nine seasons of television in history. Genius story lines and writing made Seinfeld one of the most famous and quotable TV shows ever. Some of Seinfeld's best moments were developed through sports, specifically the Yankees. Here are some of the best moments Seinfeld combines humor and sports.


The Sopranos Finale


The t.v. world is nothing but saturated with buzz about this Sunday's series finale of The Sopranos with talk of what will happen. As arguably the greatest show on television(sorry jim, but Keifer may even agree) comes to a close, many bets are going on around the country speculating on how it will all end. Will Tony die? Go to jail? Walk free under the protection of the FBI? We'll just have to wait.


Conan's 24 Pipeline