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Bauer, Norris: The Real A Team


24: Season Finale



So, good finale, bad season. Unlike most people, I liked the finale. I thought it was appropriate for next season. That is because the writers have no idea what the hell they are going to do next season. Judging from rumors and other articles, I hear that 24 will be completely different next season. New city, no CTU, and many new characters. Hopefully, it will be a very different 24. Honestly, I really thought this season was very average. It was the same writing, acting, and suspense, but that was the problem. It was the same plots, ideas, and surprises. The reason why we all love 24 so much is because its out there, its different for ALL other TV shows, and thats the truth. It was the very first show of its kind. It was great because it was different and it progressed so well throughout the years. It was almost as if the writers got lazy this year. Hopefully, they won't make that mistake again. So the finale was exciting and closure for some. Jack is at a "crossroads" in his life. He said goodbye to Audrey (or at least to her soul) and he has taken out much of the evil in his life; i.e. his father, brother, Chang, and maybe errrr Logan. There is not much left in his life. We'll see where 24 takes him. See you all next season from Italy along with the entire CertifiedRandom staff!



The Experiment Begins


This is the beginning of a new column Johnny and I have decided to do. This past weekend we were discussing films and television. Johnny thought he could set a goal to watch a movie a night. I thought the idea was great and agreed to try it as well. Eventually the terms of this experiment were created. The goal is to watch at least a movie or the television equivalent, an hour and a half of tv.

Heroes finale was tonight and before I start lets state there will be spoilers.

Many thoughts occurred watching this episode and in the end the finale was rather anti-climatic and cheesy to some extent. The end fight with Peter and Sylar was disappointing with Peter getting Darth Vader choked for most of the fight. Hiro killing Sylar was a great pay off i just wish that Peter did at least something remotely heroic. Nathan sacrificing himself in the end wasn't to suprising as i think they meant it to be. The idea of a hero worse then Sylar is awesome The start of volume 2 looks interesting, I wonder if it will mostly be in historical settings? I do look forward to next year but they certainly did not leave this season on the best note possible.

The other TV show I've been enjoying is South Park. Yes yes i know I'm late to the series. In all honesty i never really enjoyed it when i was younger. When I finally got a dvr I recorded the last season and fell in love, now I'm revisiting all the seasons. I'm midway through the first season; I've watched the episodes and then re-watched with the commentary from Matt Parker and Trey Stone. The first episode "Cartman gets An Anal Probe" is the worst of the episodes seen so far. It has surprised me how well the humor holds up. The humor holds up so well because the episodes aren't exactly topical in nature compared to South Parks last season. It will be interesting to see if last seasons hold up as well as the first seasons. If you haven't seen the early South Park episodes definitely go back and check them out.


Flight of the Conchords - Pilot


Flight of the Conchords features New Zealand folk-comedy performance duo Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie, who move to New York’s East Village to conquer America, one fan (literally) at a time. This is your exclusive look at the first episode before the first season debuts on June 17th at 10:30pm following "Entourage" – only on HBO. 


The Simpsons 400th Episode


The Simpsons 400th episode and season finale is coming up this Sunday, May 20th. To conclude their 18th Season, the episode will be cenetered around 24. It shall be called "24 minutes" and Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub will be playing Jack Bauer and Chloe O'Brian. CTU will be located inside Springfield Elementary School, but instead it will be called "Counter Truancy Unit." Hope you tune in, because the next night, May 21st will be the two-hour season finale of 24. Yes this season of 24 has sucked, but watch anyways because the producers have promised something huge and plus they are going to be changing 24 alot for next season, so these last two episodes will be setting it up.



24: 10pm-11pm

"Say hello to your brother." DAMN! Hell ya. 24 is back on track. That was a pretty good episode, the best of the season besides the first four episdoes. Although maybe this one was even better because I didn't think Fayed would die so soon and I definately didn't see Audrey coming back. When Jack got that call in the end I was thinking Kim Bauer, but for Elisha Cuthbert to actually come back, it would probably be all hyped up, not by 24, just in general. The way Jack killed all those sons of bitches in the end, breaking the neck and hanging Fayed, wow. I was really happy to see Wayne Palmer actually do something smart and become a good character finally, since he has been such a filler all season. So the last six episodes will be Jack trying to find Audrey and kill Chang, and Wayne fending off a retarded VP. I hope they actually include Chloe in these final six episodes. I'm so sick of the other storylines with Milo and Nadia. I also don't really care about Jacks dad, but if they can actually bring him back in a useful way, and not just for filler which is likely, I wouldn't mind. See ya next week. To quote Doyle, "Damn Jack!"

24 Minutes via StupidVideos


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South Park makes fun of 24


I don't endose mocking 24, but this is actually funny.
South Park 1104 - The Snuke

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This week, the Carnival of Bauer has traveled to Certified Random. Thanks alot to Blogs4Bauer for letting us host. Jack Bauer fans unite weekly to submit articles about the ridiculousness that is 24. The shocker this week was attributed to Mad Martha Logan and her Kiwi partner Aaron Pierce. We also see the arrival of Mike Doyle who may have, but will never match, the badass talent of Jack Bauer. Anyways........on to the articles..........
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and finally, Rob of Unspace tried tracking What Year it is in Jack Bauer World??
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24: 6pm-7pm

First off, thanks to Blogs4Bauer for letting us host the Carnival of Bauer this week on Thursday. So now, lets get to the episode. This week, the major story was ex-Prez Logan vs. ex- First Lady Mad Martha Logan. Apparently Martha has completely lost her mind and Aaron Pierce is taking complete advantage of it. They feed each other Kiwi and grapes. Logan claims that he can convince Martha to talk to the wife of President Surarov of Russia so that she can convince her husband to call Markov at the Russian Embassy and get him to surrender and let Jack go. Most of the episode is dedicated to Martha going crazy. I still don't know how she went from being almost normal at the end of last season to going completely nuts again. I guess I just wanted to believe that she wasn't actually crazy since she helped take her husband down. So anyways, the first lady of Russia is speaking at a conference and is taking forever to finish. While they are waiting, they eat Kiwi together and she calls Logan a criminal and murderer ten more times. As Martha cleans up the table, she walks past Logan with a knife in her hand, thinks for half a second, turns around, and stabs Logan in the upper shoulder/neck region. The knife must have hit an artery because Logan is bleeding out like crazy. Simultaneously, Jack receives the satalite phone just in time to be found and attacked. During the gun fight Martha finally gets to talk to the Russian first lady who then speaks to her husband, who calls CTU and talks to the Russian ambassador at the embassy. He won't surrender so the Russian Prez gives CTU the authority to attack the embassy. New head of Field Ops Doyle (Rick Shroeder) gives the OK and attacks the embassy and saves Jack just in time. Logan is in am ambulance and is crashing just as the episode ends. It was a pretty surpising episode that I was able to predict once again because Fox reveals so damn much in the previews. That's it. No more previews for me because I want to be shocked when I am watching 24 dammit. Other notes: Doyle seems like a huge jackass and even choked Morris for no reason at all and also the VP is still up to no good, forcing Lennox to lie to the ambassador to the middle eastern country to say Assad brought the bomb in. I bet he was part of the plot. Alright, enjoy the Carnival of Bauer on Thursday!