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I love tech startups interviews, this is one I think alot of CR readers would like to know the insides and outs of:  Collegehumor.

They get into the humble beginnings, the move into the T-Shirt business and the percentage buy out by media mogul Barry Diller.

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FedEX vs UPS


Gone in 31 Seconds: Apple Store Raped of Merchandise


Theives clean out an Apple store in 31 seconds: 23 Macbook Pros, 14 iPhones, and 9 iPod Touches.


The title is meant for anyone that wants to waste their time going to wikipedia and to explain me the definition of rape in the comments and how a company can not be physically raped.


Another great episode from the 2 entrepreneurial lifestyle experts.

This video was recorded before their China trip, which should be a good watch once released.

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This is not completely on hip-hop, but because hip-hop is know to be sample heavy, it becomes the target of discussion in this really good lecture on music, copyright, and intellectual property.

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Clarke and Dawe discuss the market meltdown


Very funny, reminds me directly of the British satirists Bird and Fortune, instead these guys are from Australia

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Mondo Pasta Ads: Genius


This is my favorite advertising campaign I have see for a long time. "Mondo Pasta So Good You can't Let Go"

The ad campaign is currently taking place in Hamburg, Germany taking advantage of the boats anchoring ropes and a simple magnetic sign.

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Facebook Headquarters



Here are some images of the Facebook Headquarters.  Seems like a tight place to work.

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Doom for Time and Newsweek, but not for The Economist


I know the talk about the death of print is boring most folks, but this video has some very interesting points to think about.  Its main focus is to explain why the Economist is doing so well but it hits on some strategies Newsweek and Time did that might have been counterproduct.  One putting so much effort in build a web identity and two littering their magazine in the tables of Doctor's offices.

I don't know if my feeling really align with that.  But the argument definitely has merit, and probably speaks more about poor excution and cheap mass marketing tactics.

Via TheAlantic (Their is an accompanying article, "Newsweekly's Last Stand" But most the same content is said video more breif and precise.)


Still unsure of a name for the show, the two masters explains their top 5 must-read books, that are all life changing to your self and business.

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(I personally want to get a copy of Seneca) 

After the Jump a list of all the titles