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Money Guru, Ramit Sethi on Forbes tv


Nice quick video with personal finance expert Ramit Sethi of

for bloggers and future book authors watch Ramit and Tim Ferriss talk about some tactics to get youself out there and control it


Zune HD: The Touchscreen Comeback?



Microsoft hasn't given up on the Zune yet, in fact it's set to come out swinging,(at Apple's touch) this fall with the "Zune HD."   I expected  this would be the case given the amount money there is in the online music marketplace.    

After saturdays leak of graphics to engadget, PC world has learned the specks on this upcoming Zune HD and are as follows.

16GB and 32GB  models.

Multitouch OLED Screen

HD Screen 16:9 Ratio at least 720 DPI (expected not confirmed)

TV Out Port (HDMI)

Wireless Sink With Computer

Web Browser

Some have also speculated that it will support 3d XBOX games as well.  But what is really interesting to me here is the HDMI out port.  This signals that Microsoft may have actually one upped the competition in living room integration.  The possibilities here could be great. Imagine browsing in the Zune Marketplace downloading a temp video file directly to your ZUNE HD (digital rental) and then be able to plug your zune into your TV to watch a movie.  It's not an entirely new concept but it is the first time that this sort of an ability could be entirely mobile giving you the ability to finish the next episode of your show while commuting to work.  

While there is talk of an integration of Zune with 3rd party cell phones the obvious complaint here is that the Iphone not the Ipod should have been the target.  That being said, while cell phones are expected to take market share away from MP3 players, this seems to me to be more about video and possible television connections than just music. 

The Zune HD is expected to launch in Sept.  We will have to wait untill then to see if this really is the comeback Zune.



Your Business Card is CRAP


"Its should be so good, so even if they don't like you they will not throw it out"...

via Swiss-Miss 


Tom Shoes


If you not familiar with TOM Shoes, they are stylish vegan slippers, where you buy one and they send one to a kid in a impoverished country.  I think they look pretty pimp, I going to have get a pair, and give a little rest to my unlaced Asics that I like to slug around in.



 In an excerpt from the short documentary “For Tomorrow”, Blake Mycoskie explains how the concept for Toms Shoes came about.

tom shoes canvas 


 TOMS Shoes owner Blake Mycosk explains how he’s building a global brand while helping children in need around the world.


  I am still trying to figure out which one I want to sport, either the Black Canvas or Black Burlap, mmm. (which are both displayed above.)

Blake's home at Sea on THE SELBY 

Blake's Blog 


Tim Ferriss (4 hr Work Week) and Kevin Rose (Digg \ Rev3) discuss the business side of the tech world for 32 minutes.

Definitely a great discussion between two great minds in business (especially nonconventional business ideas - thinking out the box).  Pretty much this is a podcast, so nothing really exciting visually, so you can turn on play and just listen.

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John Stewart; Its not a F_cking Game


This is Pt.3 of the Un-Edited Interview.




Guns N Rose’s Duff McKagan is the Playboy Blog’s money man.  Once a rockstar that squandered his money aimlessly, now after sobering up he got a financial degree.  Duff is using he expertise to help the common man understand what is going in the economy today and how you can help yourself by knowing the facts.  He is already on his 4th post:

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Malcolm Gladwell: What we can learn from spaghetti sauce


 Filmed in Feb 2004


Tipping Point author Malcolm Gladwell gets inside the food industry's pursuit of the perfect spaghetti sauce -- and makes a larger argument about the nature of choice and happiness.


Damn, this was a super interesting talk on people's physiology in picking food products or anything in general.  Seriously like anything written by Malcolm Gladwell.



Michael Moore on US Automakers


Bird and Fortune - Subprime Crisis


I know everyone is bored with the economy and stuff.  But these 2 british guys are so Funny, Bird and Fortune have this skit where they as a financial advisor is being interviewed about the current economic issues.

via Tim Ferris

Here is another one, its funny but more British oriented

A great one on Iraq oil