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Pepsi Rebranding


Pepsi is upgrading their look.  The Arnell Group are the creatives behind the look, with the skewing of the logo to resembele more of a smile.

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How Dave Brown Hacked His Way into the Green Room


This is great interview about Dan Brown of the Holiday Matinee Fame, accidentally became a music mogul.

Accidental music mogul Dave Brown helped launch the careers of Death Cab for Cutie, Bright Eyes and The Album Leaf, among others. These days his record label turned consulting company, Holiday Matinee, beefs up the resumes of dot-coms and other merchants of cool. I got a chance to talk to Brown about the details of his journey from music enthusiast to a record label founder. Illustration by Matt Stallings. 

Read the rest of the Interview @ Lifehacker 


Google Screws United Airlines' Stock by 75%


On 9/8 United Airline's stock plunged 75% because Google News was featuring a 6 year old article from the Chicago Tribune.  Shares drop to a low of $3 per share.  The craziness didn't stop until the Nasdaq halted trading on the stock.  Apparently it was a slow news day on South Florida Sun-Sentinel, when some guy happen to read the old article of United Airlines' bankruptcy, which caused the aritcle to become one of the day's popular articles, which inturn got add to Google News then added to Bloomberg's wire.  Everyone is pointing fingers, but this is what happens when we trust to much in computers and algorthims, it makes people do stupid things. (Wargames my friends, just in stocks not war.)Would have been amazing time to double up on some cash.

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Malcolm Gladwell - On Hiring in the Modern World


This is Malcom Gladwell speaking on hiring in the modern world for the 2008 New Yorker Conference. Its ironic how many conferences have surfaced on the net after the popularity of the TEDTalk vids.

Gladwell is an amazing speaker and author and his research on topic is informative as well humorous.

For more videos from the The New Yorker Conference, “Stories from the Near Future”


Elle Macpherson’s Myspace Marketing

Elle MacphersonThe new campaign for ’s Intimates line (art directed by Gary Freedman of Glue Society and shot by photographer Max Doyle) revolves around seven hot young things scantily clad in underwear from the Intimates range. Each has her own MySpace page on which a short film is posted showing the girl doing something unusual in the intimacy of their own home in their underwear. For example, one plays the, err, Tuba, one blows up her pillow (with an explosive charge), one makes a poodle out of a balloon, one tells jokes and - a personal favourite - one uses her hands to create a sillhouette of a drummer which she then makes play along to a drum solo.

Found Via Creative Review

Do a youtube search for more videos.



Six Flags Sells


 Six Flags announced the sale of seven parks to PARC 7F-Operations Corp, a Florida based group for $312 million . PARC will sell the parks to a real estate company and lease the land from them. Six Flags has been trying to sell these parks from a few months to relieve there massive 2 billion dollar debt. Parks include Six Flags Darien Lake and EIlitch Gardens. Six Flag had also attempted to sell Magic Mountian but it was not included in the sale. It's should be interesting in a few years to see how many of the parks sold today are still parks and how many have been closed for some other investment. With a real estate company holding all the cards in the end; it maybe only a matter of time before the parks are closed and condo's are built.

AP Story on the Sale


Bad Advertising - Helio


I musted of woke up in a pissy mood today, all I want to do is diss every especially Helio commercial because they are horrible.

The gist of their advertisments if the "Faux Pas," calling Helio a phone is a faux pas. I understand they are trying to illustrate that the Helio is more than a phone, probably close to a close to a smart phone because of its Myspace capabilities. But to make be sit down and which his crappy commercial, about how it is not a phone, it just juvenile. I am directing saying to Tom Anderson and Rupert Mudoch and who ever you runs Helio, to fire your the ad firm behind those commercial they are so not well thought.

Get the ad firm that did the Playstation 1 commercials or the MTV commercials a few years back those are priceless moments in branded into my head. Actually put ME to the test, call me up and I will make you an awarding winning commercial, your offices will be full of so many ADDY awards you have to start giving them away like candy. (ADDY is are awards given for advertising, which the Helio ads will not get.)


Facebook to take over the Internet


facebook profileHow you ask? Well the same way Myspace pretty much did, but with just a little more class.

The plan was for facebook to change their admission policy today, but because of the "Live Feed" fiasco last week they are postponing it.

NEW YORK ( -- Social network Facebook plans to completely ditch its admissions policy, welcoming anyone with internet access. The major change was scheduled for today, but has now been postponed until next week while the company struggles to regroup from last week's member revolt in response to new activity-tracking features.

I really don't know if this will work in facebook's favor. One of the nice parts about facebook was it's exclusiveness. It's kind of ironic because in a interview last year, Mark Zuckerberg was celebrating the fact the users feel comfortable puttin private/real information in their profile because of the limited membership. Many people I know already have both a Facebook and Myspace account, and many are saying Myspace is better, for communicating with people (mainly people that can't have facebook accounts) and the profiles are more annoying personalized, I don't think anyone is going to be embedding Youtube videos into facebook anytime soon.


Oi(l) Vey!

 BP(British Petroleum) - the company with the nice green and yellow gas stations- has announced today that it is shutting down the Prudhoe Bay Pipeline in Alaska for repairs. It was discovered that the pipeline has been corroded and is leaking. Prudhoe Bay makes up 8% of U.S. oil- the leak will affect oil production by 40,000 barrels per day. This shut down of the pipeline has the oil market and may have consumers sweating at their brows as prices may rise. The time to repair the pipeline is unknown- it could take days to months. This all makes for a tense market at a time when Iran(the fourth largest oil supplier in the world) has stated that it will use their influence as a compromising tool if their nuclear expansion program is threatened. source

Clever McDonalds Billboard

It is a Sundial, that points to breakfast foods, during the breakfast time (6am to noon).
This billboard is Located in Wrigleyville in Chicago, IL until August when the sun starts to wane.