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Only in Japan, You can sell iPods in 7-Eleven

iPod in 7 ElevenOnly in Japan can you seriously sell iPods at a 7-Eleven.  A place marked as a fast, late night hot spot for cigarettes and lottery tickets, doesn't have the reputation or security to sell $400 dollar mp3 playters right next to a pack of Twizzlers or Juicy Fruit gum.  Come on, 7-Eleven's main deterrent for looters is the sign that reads, "registers only have $20 in them";  real belivable.
I don't see anything coming soon where iPods will be moving from their alarm protected glass cases in Best Buy to the metal racks in 7-Eleven.

Researchers Find that Bites are Spreading Devil Cancer

Scientists have declared a crisis as facial tumors that are spread through biting have been killing thousands; thousands of devils that is.  And no this is not the unreleased plot of Underworld III but the recent phenomenon that is endangering the future of the tasmanian devil.
    First recorded in 1996 a mysterious cancer has been surfacing in the face of thousands of the furry marsupials and has been blamed for the drop in tasmanian devils from nearly 140,000 in the mid 90's to less than 80,000 today.  The devils, which live only on the Australian island state of Tazmania, have been showing huge grotesque growths on their faces which after testing have been shown to have identical make ups in all the devils tested.  Since all the tumors had identical compositions researchers believe that they may have a single common source and that they are dealing with an infectious cancer.  If this is the case it would be only the second infectious cancer ever recorded of this style after a similiar less fatal one was descovered among canines. 
    Scientists believe the cancer is spread through biting when some infected cells may literally dislodge from one devil and fall into the other making one more reason never to be bit by a devil.

BBC UK - Graphic picture

Video of Bull charging and attacking Crowd


A half ton bull known as pajarito or little bird charged the crowd during a bullfight in mexico leaving two in the hospital.
Check out the video
BBC News

Russia To Mine the Moon!

Russia is planning to mine fuel from the moon by 2020 according to a Russian space official.  The plan is to establish a permenant base and a link for heavy cargo shipments so the rare fuel source, isotope helium-3 can be commercially mined, Nikolai Sevastyanov of Energia Space corporation explained. 
    The isotope helium-3 is very rare on Earth but is plentiful on the moon.  The isotope which is a non radioactive form of helium can be used for safer nuclear fusion and is considered the ideal fuel because of its high power level to nuclear pollution ratio.
    If plans proceed the international space station would benefit greatly from this project and a regular relay ship route would be established along with a larger clipper transport ship which is still in the early stages of production.


Estonia President's Grandaughters Throw Wild Parties in The Palace

Estonia Princess Party at PalaceRonald Ruutel, president of Estonia, has apologized to the public  over what he finds to be shocking parties that were thrown in the Presidential Palace while he was away. His gradaughters Helena 15 and Maria 13 aparrently invited over friends while their grandfather was away and pictures of the two and their friends drinking alcohol wandering around the highly guarded palace have been leaked to the public.  
There has been some public outrage in Estonia because the palace is where thousands of classified documents are kept.  The president has saught to assure the public that no such files were taken or seen by anybody who on a visit in the United States, said in an interview with the newspaper Postimees. "When I delivered my New Years address to the nation, I expressed concerns over problems with youth, but I did not suspect that these problems could hit my own family so hard."


Doctors scheduled to revive Sharon Monday, 1/9/06

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon,77, is in intensive care after doctors performed a seven hour surgery to treat a brain hemmorage resulting from the leader's recent stroke. Doctors report that Sharon's brain functions normally and is not in a vegetative state as some would guess- though it is likely that he has suffered brain damage and will not be able to resume his term.  They hope to revive Sharon from his coma by Monday. Currently, Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has filled the role of Prime Minister. Leaders around the world, including President Bush have sent their support to the ailing Sharon. SOURCE

Kiss Of Death


Certified Random has decided to revisit the story of a 15 year old girls death as a result of kissing her boyfriend.  Although all detials are not known what is is that her death was the result of a peanut butter sandwich her boyfriend had eaten hours earlier.  The Canadian girl went into anyphylatic shock and was taken to the hospital where she was given a shot of adrenaline, a standard procedure. 
    Despite the quick medical attention she did not survive.  Her reaction has been said to be very rare and worrisome by nutritional experts. 
    Also her boyfriend is believed not to have  known of her alergy and had not eaten the peanut butter sandwich for nearly 9 hours before the tragic kiss of death.

Bush Tries to Escape from Reporters

President Bush was caught on video in China trying to escape from reporters only to find himself locked in.  After questioning went poorly and even being criticized as off of his usual "game,"  Bush tried to end a question session with western journalist early by thanking them, denying a follow up questions, and walking away to a door he found locked slighly quirked he chuckled and said, "I was trying to escape. Obviously it didnt work."

Click on Image to See Video

Bush Sees Japanese Alliance as Foundation to Progress in Asia

President Bush visited Japan on Wednesday as a leg of a four-country tour of Asia. The president said that Japan was the key partner in promoting freedom in Asia and also highlighted his friendship with Prime Minister Koizumi.Bush praised Japan's democratic values, it's support in the war on terrorism, and noted that, along w/ the U.S., sends the most aid overseas in the world. The U.S.-Japan alliance is key in promoting freedom in such countries as China- which is on a progressive path, and helping to resolve the conflicts in the region(i.e., Taiwan, North Korea). Bush also addressed issues such as bird flu epidemic, trade tariffs, and energy security. The president will visit South Korea, China, and Mongolia in his tour. Source

Paris Under Siege

The unrest in Paris is growing as Muslim youth continue to riot into what is now the 12th day of violence.  As of November 7th 4,700 cars have been torched and over 100 firemen and police officers have been injured.  The disturbance began after two Muslim teenagers were electrocuted in a powerplant who were rumored to have been fleeing the police.  Although nearly two weeks have passed tension has only risen after unconfirmed reports of tear gas being released in a Mosque sparked outrage within the French Muslim community.  Sunday night which has been reported as the most violent night yet saw 2 police officers shot and a 61 old man is in a coma after being beaten. 
Check out bbc's PHOTOGALLERY of the riots
also Mark Steyn draws some interesting parallels to the algerian youth of today rioting in paris with their ancestors sacking of europe.