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Killer Chic: The Strange Love Affair of All Things Che


Surprise! Bailout Bill Packed with Pork

   Including 2 Billion Dollars For Effort Represented By Democratic Lawmakers Son
"A top House Republican is demanding an investigation into whether the more than $2 billion for national parks in the House stimulus package is proper in light of the fact that the chief lobbyist for the National Parks Conservation Association is the son of House Appropriations Committee Chairman David R. Obey. "
Also after public pressure got hundreds of millions of dollars removed that was earmarked for birth control and redoing the national mall there was still tucked in 335 MILLION dollars for STD prevention.  (How is that related to an economic stimulus package)

What Now for the Republican Party? Ask John Boehner on Digg


The Digg community is interviewing Republican House Leader John Boehner this Inauguration week!

My question was: "With Republicans suffering two consecutive rounds of losses in national elections what is your plan to expand the Republican party? Furthermore, do you have any thoughts on how republicans can appeal again to northeastern states and more urban areas? It was only 10 years ago in the election of 1998 that republicans won the majority of governorships in the northeast where democrats vastly outnumber republicans. How can we do it again?"


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Stephen's Remix Challenge




10.     Scientific Research. While there is debate about where exactly that money goes this has traditionally been an American strength and typically yields more in return than it costs.

9.       International Image. Not a good enough reason to vote for somebody but a bolstered international image will help with our ability to use “soft” power possibly avoiding some conflicts.

8.       College Loans. Currently those outside certain need groups are paying interest rates which are nearly double the rates of the 80’s when general interest rates were considerably higher than now.  It doesn’t seem to make any sense and Obama has called for easier access for everybody. 

7.       Color. Obama brings in a new era of race relations and the long awaited death of race identity politics.

6.       Graphic Arts. Obama’s logo and new website are a clear shift towards more contemporary and relevant design.

5.       Robert Gates. Obama’s retention of Gates as Sec of Defense shows a certain pragmatism and willingness to adapt having originally opposed the surge of which Gates was the architect.

4.       Civility. Unlike a lot of the other new politicians Obama maintained a certain level of class and civility in his political campaign and in dealing with his opponents.  (something many of his supporters could learn from)

3.       Internet Neutrality. The internet has become one of the purest forms of free speech and Obama was one of the few politicians to voice support of internet neutrality.

2.       Conservative Renewal. Obama’s ascent to power will force Republicans to return to their abandoned limited gov’t principles.  This will bring the debate back to should we be spending this money at all instead of just fighting over where it will go.

1.   Hope n Change. What was a ridiculously vague campaign message is still a great inspirational vision for people around the world.  Obama came from a background of limited means and was not well connected. In addition he had certain factors like mixed race and the middle name Hussein, which some would have said precluded him from the Presidency, and still he rose to power as a result of determination and emphasis on higher education.  That “my friends,” IS the American dream.


Daily Show on the Inaguration


 Have we heard this somewhere before?


Inaugural Address'


Al Gore Ice Sculpture


  As political pop art is in a fervor ,with the inaguration of Obama, I thought this chilling depiction of Al Gore seemed appropriate.  The ice sculpture, which was done by Alaskan sculptor Stephen H Dean of Fairbanks, depicts Gore shivering in Alaska.  Dean who describes himself as a moderate skeptic of man made global warming says the sculpture was intended as an invitation for Gore To Visit Fairbanks which is experiencing another colder than average year.   Craig Compeau who sponsored the sculpture said that he would personally pay for Gore's stay if he drove to Alaska in an electric car and visited Tetlin Junction which just experienced a near record cold of -60 degrees celcius.  



U.S. President Obama



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Honey Badger- The Most Fearless Animal in the World