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Captured by Google's Eyes


View Larger Map So weird, I was just looking a google street view and I didn't notice they have index pretty much every street possible even the ones in your neighborhoods. Crazy enough I was captured either pulling in or pulling out my driveway or it might be my friend Vova, which has a gold sedan as well.

University LipDub


This has to be the best coordinated lipdub I seen since CollegeHumor's Flagpole Sitta.

Music: Nine Days — 257 Week

The Essence of a well done LipDub: The one take tracking shot through out the video ending with a fade out of the music and fade in of bunch of non-singers harmonizing the chorus.

For More info + the Making of video, find it @ UniversityLipDub

Found via J.A. @ NonSociety


Christian the Lion

For those of you who thinnk CR is only a website dedicated to poisoning society with articles celebrating vanity, rap and bringing down Lindsay Lohan's reputation with invalid rumors....think again. Here is a inspiring story about a pair of actors who adopted a lion cub (the funniest part is when they are reunited with Christian and Whitney Houston is singing in the background).

How To Tell People They Sound Racist


This video should come handy in future. Trust me I have been put in the position where I didn't know how to tell someone what they are say is out of line and borderline racist.

Thanks Jay Smooth @ Ill Doctrine 


Cell Phone makes Popcorn?

Convinced/hopeful that this could be done, I tried this and to no avail, no popcorn. I've heard that this is part of a viral campaign by a cellphone headset maufacturer. There a more videos set in different countries.

Yellow Sticky Notes


this guy did a very nice job, i think...


How to “Peel” Hard-Boiled Eggs Without Peeling


The baking soda is optional, but if you choose not to use it, be sure to move the eggs to cold water (use ice) immediately after boiling. Blow from the tip to the broader base for faster de-shelling.

The irony, its that I happened to need this tip recently.  I lost alot of egg white and thats not acceptable, so next time I boil myself some eggs, I will definitely be taking Tim's Advice

(found via Tim Ferriss)


Out Of Your League Girl .com


out of your league girl

 Converse lately been getting in the Viral game, with a multitude of Viral Video Bloggish videos and Song done through the collaboration of NERD, The Strokes, and Santogold.  The video that is getting the most buzz on the net has to be OutOfYourLeagueGirl.

Here she talks on 


Being Creepy





A Tribute to Horses


because who doesn't love horses?


The World of Chemistry