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Banana Man - Dole Commercial


Craziness, I happen to come cross an animated gif of this on Twitter so I went on a search for it.  This commercial is ridic.....

I wonder why no ad agency in America hasn't tried to imitate the eccentricity of a Japanese commercial.  I think my favorite weird commercial presently out in the US is the Trident Layers commercial (check after the jump for it, plus watch til the end, a JB cameo.)

Plus after JUMP another funny Japanese Ad


Retro-Future Mating Dance

via KWest blog

Some SNL Andy Samberg Funniness


If you haven't been keeping up with SNL, like myself, you got to caught up on all funniness during the week via hulu.  Here are 2 clips that catch my attention:


Crappy Canadian Thanksgiving - Ellen Page & Justin Long


"Lets Play so Hockey"  "Yes, but not until we finish watching some Degrassi"

Great, they hit every Canadian reference I know, so well.

starring Justin Long and Ellen Page 


"Hey I'm White" (Day n Nite Parody) Atom Winston


If Kid Cudi's Day n Nite would combine forces with the site Stuff White People Like (and maybe Zach Morris) you would get this video.

via AtomWintson: Youtube &


Dramatic Breakup Letter

hilarious shakesperian reading of a high school break-up letter written by some girl. my gf sent this to me and...wait a minute...

Kanye Interrupts Keyboard Cat


JB: So ever since Kanye did his rush-the-stage-crazy-moment at the VMA's, there have been a slew of videos coming out. This is one particular that I thought was funny, but check out the ones with Presidents Bush and Obama. The part I find funniest is when the woman stands up to cheer keyboard cat on and..........

Kanye: Sorry, Ima let you finish your post but Coldice had one of the best posts of all time. One of the best posts of all time!

(VL pulled this joke under the Grizzly bear post, but I had to bring it back because it was hilarious)


Hello, my name is Mister Glasses and I am an Architect

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

Written and Directed by Mitch Magee
amazing... (I love the intro and the Swingle Slingers Acapella music)

Maybe only people with a background in Architecture can understand the insane humor behind these shorts.


Anyway there are 5 more episodes after the JUMP


Jake and Amir: Hilary


Always funny.  I been keeping out with these 2 guys antics for awhile, I have never posted any of their content on CR.  For awhile their brand of humor was like an inside joke, you had to watch alot of the early episodes to understand their dynamic and non/friendship (I equate their friendship to 'that's 70 show' Kelso and Fez).  Now I think after being on MTV with CollegeHumorTV I think they have figure out how to appeal to a new incoming audience.  Both ways I would enjoy, but I am happy now I can share their ridculous to you guys too.

Watch more videos on Jake and