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Under The Bridge: Literal Video Version


The 3rd Literal music video to be released.

 Under The Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers

These video are made by Dust Films, so make to check them out because they are planning more then just literal videos (even though we want them to keep on coming). 


The Simpson's Mad Men Opening


Finally video to the images I showed last week, here.

Here is the Orginal Mad Men


Bird and Fortune - Subprime Crisis


I know everyone is bored with the economy and stuff.  But these 2 british guys are so Funny, Bird and Fortune have this skit where they as a financial advisor is being interviewed about the current economic issues.

via Tim Ferris

Here is another one, its funny but more British oriented

A great one on Iraq oil


SNL: Mad Men meets two A-holes


 Another funny clip with cast members of Mad Men laughing it up on SNL.  Plus one of the best skits on SNL the two A holes, picture if the high school jock and cheerleader got married but never grew to be anything else to live off their parents wealth, this is the two A holes. 


SNL: Don Draper's Guide to Picking Up Woman


 For all the Mad Men fans, here is a great sketch by SNL, which actually features John Hamn as Don Draper.  If you watch the show you will obviously understand the funniest behind each example, like "Silence".

via Goldenfiddle 


Apple iVinyl Portable Record Player


For you hardcore audiophiles that hates the compression of MP3s and loves the warmth of Vinyl, I introduce to you the iVinyl Portable Record Player.

via CrateKings 


Watch the ‘30 Rock’ Season Premiere RIGHT NOW


Completely a week before 30 Rock's new season is suppose to premeire, NBC has decided to put the full episode up on HULU. Thanks NYMag's Vulture for keeping me up to date.

For Full Screen Viewing Click HERE 


Tom Cruise is a Cock-Block

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

 Imagine if you were able to hang out with Tom Cruise, but  then you realize he is the hugest cockblock.

If you like this one watch the sequel. 

Tom Cruise is a CockBlock the SEQUEL 


Thanks to The Retro Kidz, Hip Hop is a Gimmick Again


For my Hip Hop lovers, posting this music video is a joke.  I been loving the uprise of the quote unquote "Hipster Rap" with all the group names having the word "Kid" appended to it. Such as The Cool Kids, Kidz in da Hall, Kid Sister, Kid Cudi, and anything else kid.  But now a group The Retro Kidz has cut out any respect the new form of rap had for this generation.  Seriously they have flat top haircuts and do dance movies that were popularized from a Living Color.  I am always cool with some retro influences but this is seriously a masquerade that brings nothing new to the table.

So to end my vendetta, represent the real acts, always listen to music that is made by genuine performers.

Peace it, -JR


Literal Music Videos


Ever wish songs just sang what was happening in the music video? Well now they do, in this second installment of literal videos!
I am waiting for them to make a literal version for Lionel Richie's Hello, because that would be amazing.

found via DustFilms @ FunnyOrDie 

Take On Me

Head Over Heels