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SNL: 106 & Park with Kanye West


While the fire is dying down you can enjoy this amusing SNL sketch with the man himself, KWest the constant interrupter.  Makes me wonder do people really ever change...


My Little Pony - Live ACTION Trailer



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The idea seems corny at first but seriously these guys made a very smart and funny short.  Google just takes stuff to literally and doesn't care about your privacy, hahaha.

I wished there were some more episodes...

After the JUMP is episode 2 & 3


Ex-Girlfriend - iPhone Commercial


funny parody on iphone commercials by Adam Sacks

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Gone in 31 Seconds: Apple Store Raped of Merchandise


Theives clean out an Apple store in 31 seconds: 23 Macbook Pros, 14 iPhones, and 9 iPod Touches.


The title is meant for anyone that wants to waste their time going to wikipedia and to explain me the definition of rape in the comments and how a company can not be physically raped.


N00b Boyfriend


another funny CH orginal

Jim Breuer Flips Out On Pizza Hut Commercial Shoot

Definitely a viral, no company is going to pay Jim Bruer to do a TV spot, like what is the last thing he has done anyway?  Fake viral flipouts are new income maker for has-been actors.

Zac Efron's Pool Party


a Crazy cest pool of young celebrities talking poltics at a party while Zac's Uncle (played by Reno 911's Thomas Lennon) runs havoc with his trailer trash girlfriend.  (Look out for Justin Long)

*don't judge the book by its Cover: I happened to watched 17 Again the other night and I seriously was suprised by how entertaining and funny it was.  Thomas Lennon gets alot airtime with his geeky humor and Zac Efron is suprising good at playing a father turned 17.  Even though contents of the movie might be predictable, the director Burr Steers (Igby Goes Down) doesn't hesitate to play and laugh at its predictably, by pushing certain situations you can only imagine.  The movie definitely walks on a weird line, where sometimes its some of funniest scaristic stuff could happen and you like what movie am I wathing again and other times it seems like Zac is playing B-ball and dancing in a Disney movie.  All I can end thisi min review with is, lightsaber fight, they definitley geeked out when adding this.


Ben Stiller Joins Twitter, Facebook


Ben Stiller is finally going “online” and joining social-networking services like Twitter and Facebook.

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Beck - Loser: Literal Video