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It's not breakfast, It's not lunch- It's BRUNCH!


Woman survives hitting MOOSE!

I just thought this was hailarious.  I don't have a lot of information about it except that it occured in South River, Ontario, Canada.  This woman did not just hit a deer.  She hit a MOOSE!  AND SURVIVED!

She only broke her wrist.  The moose traveled through the car and landed on the trunk.  This is just amazing.!

The PostShow: The Breakup

Check Out! The Post Show's Latest video.  It goes great with our last story about Nick & Jessica.

The PostShow is a Bi-weekly skit show that 2 guys and their friends make.  There is a new short every Monday and Thursday on their site,


Banned Family Guy Clips

Watch many of the clips that were removed off the DVD and some that didn't air on TV.
Check out "Life of Larry" - Its is Seth MacFarlane's 1995 student film.

Arnold's Neighborhood


Drunk Ashley Simpson @ Mickey D's


Video footage on

Man Sues over Glue-Covered Toliet Seat

A 57 year old Boulder are resident is sueing Home Depot after finding himself glued to a toliet seat in an apparent prank.  The suit claims he yelled for help and was ignored by the Home Depot employees for over 15 minuts being "left to rot."
Having recently gone through bypass surgery he claims he thought he was having another heart attack as a result of the stress he suffered.  While he claims to understand that it is not Home Depots fault  it happened he does hold them liable for ignoring him while he suffered.