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Blindfolded Man Tricked into Hitting Himself in the Nuts

if you are active on twitter you probably seen this 40times, but If not here is some laughter gold for the moment.

Clarke and Dawe discuss the market meltdown


Very funny, reminds me directly of the British satirists Bird and Fortune, instead these guys are from Australia

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Coffee Bean Guy with Dan Levy


Little 4 part webseries by the funny Dan Levy

Coffee Bean Guys, is about 2 friends in Hollywood that are aspiring actors that have no shame in their game.


Watch the rest of the series after the jump, Each part is an estimated 5mins.


RaAaAaAAANDY Randy Documentary


Aniz is great in this character as this crazy comedian that has a DJ.  For more videos check out his YOUTUBE PAGE.

via Kanye's blog 




Operation Repo - Just Beat It


This is just plain ridiculous, They repo a delorean for some 20 something year old that is stuck completely in the 80s.

-nuff said

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Onion: InstaPolling


Sneak Peak at the G8

This is really funny and and has become a 'scandal'. During the G8, Pres. Obama is being accused of sneaking a peak at a young Brazilian girl passing by. What is funny to me is how nobody even questions what Sarkozy was looking at. If the president was looking, I have to give points to him on a slick move, or he has to thank the lady behind him that was stepping down.

John Hodgeman "Obama is a Nerd" speech


John Hodgeman, "I am a PC" Guy gave a pretty amazing roast to Obama at the Radio and TV Correspondents Dinner the other night.  He hoped Obama could finally heal the "age-old conflict" between nerds and jocks.   I don't want to give any spoilers and is definitely worth the full 14min watch, so stop reading.

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He's Barack Obama


Apple Ads -Stoner Edition


I know this is an oldie, because I remember once seeing in on tv.  But I can't help not to post it, because it is so funny.

Apparently she wasn't stone, at the time of filming she was 14yrs old.

but with all the stress of getting CR and all the other RNDM sites back up and running, this definitley gave me a smile today.

Wikipedia entry

After the JUMP check out the 2nd Cut