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The Blue Balloon Café


This short is amazing.

Just to be warned, it start off alittle slow, but once you understand what going on, you can sit back and enjoy the humor.

"Apple Fritter" 



Dow Jones Starring "Common"


Rapper Actor and I guess now Comedian, "Common" stars in this short that mixes the blaxploitation chracteristics of Shaft and the current economics of today.

via Kanye's Blog 


Get Your Basketball On with Leroy Smith


Some people might have been satisfied motivating Michael Jordan to greatness. But not me. I dreamed of motivating the world. That’s why I created the Get Your Basketball On DVD series, which combines my unique blend of motivational techniques with superior basketball instruction and keen ear for inspirational sounds. These are the foundations of motivation. They worked for Michael Jordan. I guarantee they’ll work for you!

 There are many videos circulating the web, you just going have to hit their youtube channel to watch all the videos in playlist.  Hopefully Charlie Murphy gets a show.

Youtube Playlist (watch them all quickly) 


Blanket! - infomercial


I think its a good week for infomercial parodies.  I wonder, with the amount of people and shows cracking on the "snuggie" such as ever late night show and 30 Rock, how many people in turn are actually buying these for real, or even as gag presents for their frienemies.

made by Dust Films, guys behind the literal music videos


Snacks and Shit


I couldn't get a picture to go along with this post. Just visit and you'll get the idea. This website is hilarious- it takes real rap lyrics and expounds on their absurdity.


Paper Towel Infomercial (Shamwow Parody)


Amazingly well done.  He definitely got the true essence of the ShamWow guy.

"Now its a kite." 

More funny videos @ 


Un-Broke: The Seth Green Cribs Edition


Friday May 29th at 9/8c on ABC the one-hour special UN-BROKE: What You Need to Know About Money" takes an unconventional look at the fundamentals of everyday finance.




Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds and Betty White take us behind the scenes of their new movie, The Proposal, where tempers flare and we find out who the real stars of this movie are.

The Propsal comes out June 19th. 


Cuban Gynecologist: Local Car Commercial


This local ad was made by the same guys that made the previous posted "Red House Black & White Furniture Spot."

Both spots are for real businesses and uses their real employess, just they are made by a North Carolina based Comedy duo, Rhett & Link.



Michael Showalter, Indie Rocker


Micheal is truely too indie for you... he doesn't even play an instrument. 

Zach Galifianakis talks with Michael Showalter about his elusive indie rock fame.