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SNL - Ludacris Replaces T-Pain With Blizzard Man


Stars Andy Samberg as T-Pain's replacement Blizzard Man.  Blizzard Man is a wannabe Vanilla Ice Rapper that reps for Jordache jeans and Pierre Cardin, LOL.

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Girlfriend's Brownies - Hardly Working


 Really funny sketch from the orginal CollegeHumor series, "Hardly Working"

I going to some more this week, because I think they are hilarious. 


SNL: Kissing Family


Yeah, definitley after Andy Samberg and his friends have been attached to the shows the skits been getting a whole lot funnier.

This skits stars Paul Rudd (Knock UP and Super Nintendo Commericial


Attractive Girls Union


The Kevin Bacon Movie Club

See more Kevin Bacon videos at Funny or Die

Now you can watch all your favorite Kevin Bacon movies with Kevin Bacon himself.

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"Star Wars" - an a capella tribute to John Williams

The one man tribute to John Williams

Drinking out of Cups

Ok so you need to hear the backstory on this before you watch it.  A couple friends got together and all decided to drop some acid and next thing you know one went into a closet and started talking to himself and they recorded it.  Then they decided to animate it with a gecko.  Listen to the crap that comes out of his mouth. 

Chaaaaarlie! Charlie bit me!


SNL: Countdown with Keith Olbermann


McCain Does SNL Gold (sales)