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Michelin's Airless Tire


The tweel, Michelin's new tire that is airless, there is barely any rubber on the tire, and it's completely hollow. Can't wait to see rappers pimpin their rides with these.

AIMpages - AOL's Myspace Killer

 You guys are saying blah, but this isn't hype, AIMPages is actually a worthy competitor. AOL Instant Messenger already has millions of more users than Myspace or Facebook, but AIM is not just running with their good looks but it has the raw power to match. AIMpages's profiles are fully customizable so no more hacking up crappy code in the "about me" section or you can use an already made theme. AIMpages is a modular system that allows to add very cool widgets anywhere on your profile, ike a Photo Gallery.
Plus it will not take anytime time for you to rebuild your buddy list because AIMpages uses your buddylist from AIM, (your buddy just has to make a profile). Your profile is @ .
I could go on for days on how AOL actually step their game up on this site, but it check out for yourself.

WARNING!! after a day of being on AIMpages I have been solicited by fake IMs every hour for some Porn Site.

AOL definitely needs to fix this problem, so for now continue to enjoy using Myspace and Facebook


Firefox is Better


Is Facebook worth $2 Billion dollars? has recently found out that  turned down a $750 million offer ($100 million more than the Myspace-Fox Deal), learning that instead, Facebook is looking for $2 billion for the social networking site.  Experts feel that would make a great asset to a media company like Viacom.  Viacom pretty much owns the majority of  the US cable and film companies, which include MTV,BET, VH1, Nickeloen, Comedy Central, Parmount studios, and more.  Facebook is waiting for a better buy than because the Facebook audience is composed of only college students and select high school students, while Myspace is open to everyone.  Basically, Myspace creates an unsafe environment for users, where child molesters and identity thieves can roam free.  Thus, Fox News Corporation's deal with Myspace has been under much scrunity from other companies.  Recently, ABC News aired specials that specifically addressed the dangers of Myspace to parents. 
 I personally think $2 billion is a very realistic price.  eBay spent $6 billion last year on the  overvalued voice over ip client, Skype.   Facebook is actually a quality site with users in the perfect age range for marketers.

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The Future Of War: Airborne Laser

The Pentagon, along with air and defense manufacturer Boeing, are on course to continue with their scheduled in flight test of laser missile interceptors.  Known as the Air Born Laser(ABL) the weapon is a 747 retrofited with an extremely powerfull chemical based laser.
    The project which had been mired in controversy due to its high cost was given a nearly 500 million dollar 2006 budget with the promise of increased amounts in the future.  The pentagon is hoping to use the ABL which will be a fleet of around 7 ships to start off with to shoot down missilles launched at the United States.  The theory is that the ships will fly in a figure 8 pattern over the threatened area.  Then the missiles which will be tracked on radar will first be spotted out with a tester beam that will gauge atmospheric conditions before being shot with the full powered laser which derives its energy off of a chemical reaction.


Think outside the box and into the Fourth Dimension!


4d cube The Tesseract (or HyperCube) is a mathematical prediction of what cube might look like in 4D Space.

Open your mind to the outer dimension.  No, this is not an advertisement for a second rate UPN show, but actually a proposition to set your mind free to experience the ethereal existence of a fourth dimension.  If you are mesmerized by the interlacing of  the three dimensional cube,  explore the  present perplexities of the fourth dimension. Click on the links below at your own risk:

Experience 4D Cube


Hypercube By Harmen

*Don't just stare at the revovling cube  the interior but the cubes that are being created right next to it inside the larger cube.

*play with the Hypercube, click here


Researchers Find that Bites are Spreading Devil Cancer

Scientists have declared a crisis as facial tumors that are spread through biting have been killing thousands; thousands of devils that is.  And no this is not the unreleased plot of Underworld III but the recent phenomenon that is endangering the future of the tasmanian devil.
    First recorded in 1996 a mysterious cancer has been surfacing in the face of thousands of the furry marsupials and has been blamed for the drop in tasmanian devils from nearly 140,000 in the mid 90's to less than 80,000 today.  The devils, which live only on the Australian island state of Tazmania, have been showing huge grotesque growths on their faces which after testing have been shown to have identical make ups in all the devils tested.  Since all the tumors had identical compositions researchers believe that they may have a single common source and that they are dealing with an infectious cancer.  If this is the case it would be only the second infectious cancer ever recorded of this style after a similiar less fatal one was descovered among canines. 
    Scientists believe the cancer is spread through biting when some infected cells may literally dislodge from one devil and fall into the other making one more reason never to be bit by a devil.

BBC UK - Graphic picture

Russia To Mine the Moon!

Russia is planning to mine fuel from the moon by 2020 according to a Russian space official.  The plan is to establish a permenant base and a link for heavy cargo shipments so the rare fuel source, isotope helium-3 can be commercially mined, Nikolai Sevastyanov of Energia Space corporation explained. 
    The isotope helium-3 is very rare on Earth but is plentiful on the moon.  The isotope which is a non radioactive form of helium can be used for safer nuclear fusion and is considered the ideal fuel because of its high power level to nuclear pollution ratio.
    If plans proceed the international space station would benefit greatly from this project and a regular relay ship route would be established along with a larger clipper transport ship which is still in the early stages of production.


Milliondollar Homepage Hijacked by Hackers

Million dollar homepage
If you don't know what the Million Dollar Homepage is, well Alex Tew, a 20yr old college kid in Britian want to make some extra cash so he sold 1 million pixels of advertising space on his website for $1 each.  At a 100 pixel minimum, the site sold out ridiculously fast.  The last 1,000 Pixel were auctioned off on ebay for over $38,000.
    Some jealous hackers hijacked his website the other day, and by e-mail demanded $50,000 or they where going to crash his site.  Alex originally got threats in early January for $5000, but he thought it was a joke.  It wasn't until Alex sold the last 1,000 pixel on ebay, the hackers got serious and hijacked the site.  The website is currently running with sereval security upgrades and the FBI are in an investigation on the identity of the hackers.
News.FT - Million Dollar Homepage

iPants: The Pants that Rock!

Steve Jobs wearing Levi Ipod JeansA few months ago, Certified Random featured an article in which a new type of technology compatible fashion was mentioned- this friends, was referred to as the 'iPants.' We here at Certified Random would love to take credit and call ourselves forerunners of the latest news and trends but honestly, the whole iPants thing was a joke...until now. So I guess we can take credit and call ourselves pioneers now that there is truth to the iPants, but we just got lucky.
Levis has created new iPod compatible jeans known as Redwire DLX jeans. The pants feature a built-in joy stick that allows users to browse through files without having to take the iPod out of their pants. The jeans are due out this fall.  Now that we have predicted the I-Pants, we will predict another tech-compatible fashion: 'The Gameboy Sombrero.'
Breitbart - CertifiedRANDOM: Orginal iPants Article