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3D Graffiti Animation Outside Serge Gainsbourg’s Home


Here’s a very interesting image piece done outside Parisian musician Serge Gainsbourg’s home. The short film shows graffiti that was painted continuously between a five year span on one wall in the street of Verneuil, Paris. The footage took thousands of photographs to create and was transformed into 3D effect seen in this video.

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Idk, Charles Hamilton is back and he has graffiti artist Revok leading his viral marketing (yeah same guy arrested in Australia).

From the likes of the track, its hot.  I don't know I am getting little skeptical.  I remember Charles pushing out a mixtape every 2 weeks like clockwork, then he sort of disappeared.  I can be wrong but his album got push back or his original plans of distribution failed, plus for being one of few rappers in the "Freshman Class" to have an early record deal, he f**ked that up and got dropped.  I am mixed, I remember Charles have raw talent but a cocky attitude that made Kanye look like a Tibetan monk.  (Really this just shows how fast the internet moves, how fast music moves, and how fast culture moves if you are not always in the spotlight, look at anyone with staying power they always have stupid reason to be written up about while they are not outputting.)  Has Charles overdone his welcome?

IDK, nuff said.

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Vandal Vacation - Graffiti Artist Revok Does Australia


twitter is not our friend, or maybe to be more correct, oversharing is the enemy.

Graffit artist Revoke was arrested in Melbourne after the cops tracked his vandalisms on twitter, come on, he even tweeted: "on my way to the airport... can't get on that plane fast enough!!!"

The guy is seem like a funny person slightly cocky, video above is from his vimeo account, and he left all his tweets intact, he is definitley taking advantage of the press, especially in turn he will need the buzz so he can cop up the $15k in fines (not sure which currency that is.)

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Spending Time With Poster Boy


"Poster Boy is a New York City based street artist. By using a razor, Poster Boy slices up advertisements in the subway system

 to create completely original works of art. Due to the illegal nature of his work, Poster Boy remains anonymous."

You can find pictures of his work here:

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The Arkitip Chronicles present André


Start the morning off with a Techno claded video of Graffiti Artist, Andre, doing his thang.

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Audio Interview on Street Art w/ Elbow Toe


street art

Really nice interview done by the BBC on Street Art in general with NY graffiti artist Elbow Toe.  I think Elbow Toe delves into alot of topics that can me transpose to the art world at large.  From the grimey days of graffiti being as simple to beingjust  recognize by your tag on a train to today's mass commercial world of art and fashion, which many artists have been cashing in with.


 Listen to the 23 min interview @ BBC


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(Art Credits: left - Elbow Toe, Right - Mr. Brainwash) more image here.