Black Mirror is back with Season 3 (Netflix) - 3 episodes down already, all the stirred emotions caused by this show. Highly Recommend (Warning: its can be too intense for some)

Trailer for Netflix upcoming series, BARRY (HighSnobiety) - looks interesting, its about the college days of our President Barrack Obama. Since the 'Social Network' there been emerging this trend of documenting someone current person life as a drama extremely early. Usually it felt you needed time, like decades to pass before creating these type of shows and movies.

Last night I was a kid again. It was my friend's 31st Birthday and he wanted a roller skating party. So we had a ball rolling around in loops and the old school roller skating rink that hasn't changed one bit since I walk into there in elementary school.

Daily check: http://www.highsnobiety.com/ - since becoming obsessed with the Adidas Ultra Boost i find myself on this site more frequently.

I ended up watching Spring per my friend's recommendation. And WTF, they definitely blindside you with what type of movie it is. I would definitely agree with my friend, if you do watch it don't do any research beforehand just jump and be surprised.