Focus this week: No Excuses

Received my 2nd shipment of Blue Apron. Last time I order it I felt was one of the most orderly weeks I had. Since I felt a slump especially with my eating choices, so lets see if my hypothesis is correct.

Run the Jewels 2 - Listening to this on Vinyl, I really needed the energy of this album tonight

Another album I am jamming out to tonight is FIRE! ORCHESTRA - EXIT!, so trippy so good!!! (Listen to Part 1 on Youtube)

This Week in Startups, Jason Calacanis interviews:

  • Shivana Siroya of Tala - Damn, she is sharp. I really can't wait to see the future for emerging countries because of the work she is doing with Tala
  • Unity 3D Co-Founder David Helgason - The are the engine powering most the 3d games on our phones. Apparently it is free and some what intuitive to work with, I am down to add another side project to my list.

BROKE (Youtube RED) - I was starting to get confused why I still pay for Youtube RED until I found this show. It is so hilarious and I like its bite sized sampling of ten minute long episodes. I really did enjoy Youtube RED's series Single at 30, but I couldn't help the fact that it felt less for youtube at the 25 minute length. Not something I could quickly watch during my brief lunch break at work. After watching BROKE I have more confident with Youtube honing their RED offerings.

James Altucher interviews  Doug Casey, On the the most interesting humans