Hypnotic music from Radiohead - The Numbers (HypeTrak)

This weekend was my Capoeira classes' Batizado - After a couple months of training I received my first cord.

lately I have been obsessed with the Adidas Ultra Boost. I want a pair badly. Especially an all white pair.

Action Bronson in the kitchen making the world's Best Sandwich (Youtube) The guy is legit, awesome rapper and additionally has a better appetite and palette for food

Film to add to my watch list: Kaili Blues

FreeFall Radio - Eclectic two-hour radio mix, if you want to hear songs and artists you are not regularly exposed to, this is a great resource. Check their mixcloud for the archive of shows

Still can't get enough with watching review for the DJI Mavic Pro - If I was sold before I am more than ever by Flitetest's review, it was a glowing review almost in every category.

My brother Kaytranda drops a remix for Solange's Crane In The Sky (OkayPlayer)

Pre-Order A Seat at The Table on Vinyl - and yes, I am already pre-ordered, I was hoping badly it was going to be press on some colored vinyl

Tim Ferriss's Evening Routine - Nice to see him getting into youtube. I got to step up my Night routine

Why am I so bearish on this? Levitating Turntable (Kickstarter) It looks sexy

Solarpuff: Solar-Powered Inflatable Cube - they need to be handing these out to everyone in third world countries. I love in the video where she refers to the need for individualized infrastructure, it is so well phrase and has me thinking on this idea, since in emerging countries large infrastructure are not being built.

Never watched Miranda Sings' videos on Youtube, but I am interested to check out her new Netflix series, Haters Back Off!

A night at the AI jazz club (TheVerge) I will have to read later, but the music embeds sound good and jazzy

13 Rising Female Artists You Should Know (HypeTrak) This list is legit, Etta Bond, Jorja Smith, Sevdaliza, Billie Black, Eryn Allen Kane, are all artists I been big fans of. I will have to check out the rest

Denzel Curry & Joey Bada$$’s “Zenith” Music Video (HypeTrak) ooo they are killing it on this track. I never heard of Denzel Curry before seeing him live last week at iiipoints. Joey i been loving his music since that Hillary $wank

Saturday I caught the music making bug and made a beat, Unfortunately I need a quick refresher in Abelton Live with programming drums.

6 Keys to Applying to a Fellowship - for later reading

Senior style in Japan – living the good life at 80 (Monocle)

Toby.Harvard (Instagram) loving his photography, will be checking out more

Chargaux - Lullaby (Youtube) one of my new favorite producers, Soft Glas, had his hands on this, I can tell.

MeLo-X talks about sound and inspiration (Hypetrak)

“It seems that two qualities are necessary if a great artist is to remain creative to the end of a long life; he must on the one hand retain an abnormally keen awareness of life, he must never grow complacent, never be content with life, must always demand the impossible and when he cannot have it, must despair. The burden of the mystery must be with him day and night.”
– Goethe  (Found via Swiss Miss / Deeper write up via BrainPickings)