Microsoft Surface Studio (ArchDaily) Watch the AD - M$FT is changing the game, I really don't think I am over hyping this. They built a beautiful machine that can change creative life of anyone in a graphical field. Their are probably other applications I am not even thinking about. In the video they show an ultra cool sci fi hollow view of it, almost as a joke. But honestly we are getting closer to the Minority report example of having multiple touch points, included with that new dial which looks like it could be very helpful onscreen or on the desk. All software developers will have to level up to start thing in terms of the dynamics this machine will bring. I hope it happens quickly and precisely.

comp, redesign of the classic composition notebook (kickstarter)- I want! When I started journaling like 10 years ago I felt I would have only used composition for that task, unfortunately after my first two  journals the build quality of composition books when super low, with crappiest of paper and the flimsiest of covers. This a refreshing design. (found via Swiss-Miss)

Run the Jewels - Talk to me (Hypebeast) - First single off their upcoming album, RTJ3, I love this group. If you ever have a chance to see them live, DO SO!

Common - Red Wine f. Syd (Okayplayer)

Low Leaf - Cleansing Incantation (Okayplayer)


Sporting Life On “Nothing To Hide” Ft. Dev Hynes + Wiki (Okayplayer)

Jonwayne Returns w/ Lush, Laid-Back Maxi-Single “40 Winks” (Okayplayer)

Jason Calacanis on Ask Gary Vee Show (Youtube) - Two of my favorite entrepreneurs answering viewer's questions.

Mr Ben Brown is back with his Visual Vibe series - ARCTIC

Google Arts & Culture - This is seriously a legit resource for all creatives. I orginally gawked at their previous attempt since it felt like google street view inside of a museum, but now you get to vibrance of the art much larger and well categorized. (via Swiss-Miss)

Did Apple just figured out how to integrate touch into their laptops, oh wow. I am using the Lenovo X1 Carbon with a touch bar and it is the only thing that make me want to upgrade this computer. Apple implementation looks stellar, I still not sold people will use frequently, but I am not sold people use the touchscreen on their Windows computer much. Its really only good for pinching/zooming, and scrolling while your read. After that the touchscreen doesn't get much play, but guess what it is awesome for scrolling while you read, so it is worth having on every new computer I purchase. (No Link Needed)

The video with the guy djing on Macbook Pro looks cool but it honestly a little silly. Current trend for music production has been getting further away from the screen. Abelton, which makes Live one of the most popular music creation software has a full-on physical interface call the Push, and one of the buying points is that you don't need to look at your monitor anymore to get the same level of work done.