Officially #Boosted, just got a pair of Triple White Ultra Boost. Very comfy

Shinola X VPI The Runwell Turntable - Probably oneof the most legit turntables I have seen. No levitating gimmicks or bluetooth. Just  strong precise craftmanship and machinery. This deinfitely an object to admire. 

Loop Digital Frame - this type of product I have thought on a lot. I have been suprised someone hasnt crack the code to getting people interested in digital frames. I feel like this is probably the best attempt I have seen. If I was married with children, I would make sure that every grandparent had one of these and I would be sending pictures direct constantly to it. (On another thought I really want to focus on printing out the photos I take.)

Teddy Aka the BoostGod Aka OhitsTeddy was interview by FootwearNews - They give brief run down on how he got into collecting sneakers as well as his growing presence on the internet

Just wrapped up watching the new Max Landis show starring Elijah Woods - BBC America's Dirk Gently Holistic Detective Agency - Pilot (Youtube) - Such a crazy show, I am just so curious to see what other surprises Max throws at his viewers.