C'était un Rendez-Vous - 1976 French Film


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Director/driver: Claude Lelouch
Run Time: 9 min

Translates into "It Was an Appointment." It is one the most classic/controversial short films. Its a fast pace film seen through the eyes of the driver, cruising through Paris streets at 140mph with his 275GTB Ferrari early in the morning.

  • The car that was used in the filming was a Mercedes-Benz 450SEL and the sound of 275GTB Ferrari was dubbed.
  • Some independent groups calculated the car never exceeded 85mph which the director denies.
  • Lelouch was arrested shortly after the film was screened but was later released without charge.
  • Three people were in the car, with Claude Lelouch at the wheel

Wikipedia - IMDB - Picture of Camera Setup

Making of (In French)


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