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HandBallers, NYC

Pretty cool scene, makes me want to go outside and slap a ball.  It reminds me of jr high where my friends and I invented our own volleyball/tennis/foursquare, I just remember us having funny team names.."2GOOD"

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3D Graffiti Animation Outside Serge Gainsbourg’s Home

Here’s a very interesting image piece done outside Parisian musician Serge Gainsbourg’s home. The short film shows graffiti that was painted continuously between a five year span on one wall in the street of Verneuil, Paris. The footage took thousands of photographs to create and was transformed into 3D effect seen in this video.

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I don’t know, its nothing really special or of substance because the love on twitter is fleeting.  But it definitely made my day.

Really I never use itunes for music, but today I happened to open it up and started to listen to some Colin Monroe, then another track came on with Wale spitting on it, and I heard that line I posted above, and it hit me.  Seriously I can recall scenarios like that in my life more times then one.  So I posted it on twitter with a @reply to Mr. Wale himself.  Before I knew it I had 3 pages of RTs and @ replies hitting me, I was so surprised.  Later I check up Search.twitter and did search on people @replying Wale and I was stun, damn, it ridiculous how many people tweet back to celebrities.  I don’t know how they get through the chatter or if they even care too.  Makes me think of the 1 in a million chance my tweet could be seen.

Sidenote: I am a little greedy on numbers, I have a website, lets call that Iconology.therndm.com which is getting booms of traffic, but I am not satisfied 1 bit, I feel like I have hit a ceiling on the limit we can grow, and its killing me.  I want @replies back like crazy.  (I just came up with an idea when writing the last sentence.)

anyway, I going to calm down with my greed and with this little fleeting highlight of yesterday, and Peace Out, till another time.

Must Read After My Death

Kind of cool someone would document their life to this extent, but the trailer is very chilling...


Idk, Charles Hamilton is back and he has graffiti artist Revok leading his viral marketing (yeah same guy arrested in Australia).

From the likes of the track, its hot.  I don't know I am getting little skeptical.  I remember Charles pushing out a mixtape every 2 weeks like clockwork, then he sort of disappeared.  I can be wrong but his album got push back or his original plans of distribution failed, plus for being one of few rappers in the "Freshman Class" to have an early record deal, he f**ked that up and got dropped.  I am mixed, I remember Charles have raw talent but a cocky attitude that made Kanye look like a Tibetan monk.  (Really this just shows how fast the internet moves, how fast music moves, and how fast culture moves if you are not always in the spotlight, look at anyone with staying power they always have stupid reason to be written up about while they are not outputting.)  Has Charles overdone his welcome?

IDK, nuff said.

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I love Japanese people that run stupidly

amazing, this one video is worth a full week of posts, wait till the end, great, hahaha.

loving the music: "Luv (sic) pt.? 2" by Nujabes feat. Shing02

Directed by Sou Ootsuki (go to his site: 0m2.jp)

MTV Diary of N.E.R.D. Preview

I really can't wait for the full version.  NERD is probably my favorite band out there, I have listened to each of their albums several hundred times from beginning to end. nuff said, watch and enjoy...

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1st Post for the new blog

mmm. I have been waiting to massively update my blog with new features for awhile now. I am still unsure what I am going to do with my older blog I haven't updated in ages. I might bring some posts back, like my travels in Europe, maybe one of these days I will finish posting them all up too. I am really trying to make this blog as barebones as possible versus a lot of the weird features and tools I created in my last attempt. Plus I am crossing my fingers that my grammer on this attempt is way better.